♬ Out Now: Steve Aoki & Rune RK ft. RAS – Bring You To Life (Transcend)

♬ Out Now: Steve Aoki & Rune RK ft. RAS – Bring You To Life (Transcend)

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Three great minds in music have come together on Dim Mak’s latest release, “Bring You To Life (Transcend)”. This progressive house anthem fuses label magnate Steve Aoki with Rune RK, one of the creative minds behind the smash hit “Calabria”. Defined by its warm lead sounds, “Transcend” was one of the most popular tracks on Steve Aoki’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It EP from this past December.

The time has come, however, to give the track that extra edge–the passionate and sultry vocals of RAS. Originally appearing on the NEZZO & Summer School track “Shadows”, RAS has been eagerly anticipated to get back on the mic for another song. Riding on top of the superb production prowess of Steve Aoki and Rune RK, RAS gives us a firm example of his singing chops on “Bring You To Life”. The combination of RAS‘s delivery on the vocal end with Steve Aoki & Rune RK makes for the latest chart-topping contender from the Dim Mak arsenal.



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