5 Reasons Why Infected Mushrooms Is The “Must See” Act of 2012

5 Reasons Why Infected Mushrooms Is The “Must See” Act of 2012

5 Reasons Why Infected Mushrooms Is The “Must See” Act of 2012 710 150 Tim Gauthier

… As reported by OC Weekly
Infected Mushroom has undoubtedly placed it’s mark in EDM forever with the evolution of the psychedelic trance genre. In 2004, the Israeli duo took a leap of faith by moving their studios from Haifa, Israel to Los Angeles, hoping to expand their musical horizons and work a new album in America. Fast forward eight years to Saturday, Infected Mushroom launched their new visual display dubbed “The Unveiling” at the Avalon in Hollywood, adding a new chapter to their already-prolific career.

1. Theatrical music journey
The show starts off on a journey through a mythical world of mushrooms set to the tune of electro. A giant, god-like mushroom figure appears as you drop into a hole leading to the bottom of the ocean. The journey continues though a coral reef. All hell breaks loose once the screen morphs into a Mayan Temple. As lightning strikes, you hear an explosion of bass and enter a world where psychedelic trance meets dubstep and electro with a scary helping of fire and brimstone. With the sound of an Imperial march, you journey through the outer space galaxy where you are met by a space shuttle over head and an astronaut playing an electric guitar. Finally, just when the visuals seem to start settle down (that wouldn’t take much), the visual screen blast the crowd into warp speed. System errors prompt the screen and it is as if you were in a scene with a mash-up of Resident Evil, Tron and the Matrix. You are now on the grid filled with twists and turns. Yet another portal opens up as the journey fittingly ends in the “Cities of the Future.” Phew, what a ride.

2. Live performing EDM act
Before adding a drummer and guitar player for there full-band, live electronic rock shows, Infected Mushroom took the stage as a psych-trance duo. Now reverting back to that look with the same basic key elements, Amit Duvdevani still takes the stage as the lyricist and Erez Eisen serves as the producing mastermind behind his synthesizer. Just like keytar phenomenon Joachim Garraud, Eisen uses a keyboard during the entire 90-minute set, adding an intimate and a operatic rock essence to the live EDM experience. During last night’s set, Duvdevani came out of his pod to perform songs at center stage including their widely popular dubstep hit “U R So Fucked” and the drum and bass-inspired cover of the Foo Fighter’s, “The Pretender.”

3. A Completely Infected Set
Unlike just about every other EDM act who generally mix club hits like, “Feel So Close,” “Levels” and other over played songs, Infected Mushroom performed their own songs. For a total of 90 minutes, the crowd was captivated by a complete Infected set of songs ranging from classics to their new dubstep inspired music.

4. Crisp Blend of all EDM Genres
Implementing every type of electronic music imaginable gives Infected Mushroom’s sound a wide range of appeal. The duo can’t stress how their pure love of music is not a publicity stunt to gain more fans with the additions of house and dubstep. Each song brings a unique twist without one style over-powering the other. This can be done because they have been classically trained at a young age.

Their drum and bass Foo Fighters cover is a perfect example of it. Rock has played an important roll in Infected Mushroom’s existence. Duvdevani sings the song live with boundless energy (the dude even hops around in circles on one leg). By transforming “The Pretender” into an EDM song, they turned an already well-orchestrated song into an unthinkable electronic roller coaster at 174 BPM (that’s beats per minute, folks).

5. Team Effort
Duvdevani admitted to the Hollywood Reporter, with this new live format, the show is now a divided experience with the music, the structure and the visuals. “The Unveiling” shows the hard work of the 3-D mapping team, the intellect through design in the twin shell structure hosting Infected Mushroom by the same creators of Amon Tobin’s ISAM and last, but not least, the duo’s own musical genius. The combined elements make for an otherworldly experience.

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