Artrocker Magazine announced Atari Teenage Riot as “International Artist of the Year” nominee!

As we’re nearing the end of 2011, many magazines, both online and print, are wrapping up their ‘best-of’ nominations for new and noteworthy artists around the world. The acclaimed Artrocker Magazine has released their official nominations list, which included Atari Teenage Riot as “International Band of the Year”.

In a statement, Marc Sallis, Editor of Artrocker said:

“A lot of awards these days are made to fill up time on TV and fill pages in glossy magazines spreads, Artrocker aims to make its first-ever awards about the music, the bands and giving the public a great gig with a line-up that will recall the heady days of The Brats and inject some much needed drunken fun and rock’n’roll back into the industry. The inaugural Artrocker Awards are cutting back the ever-expanding gloss and going for the true spirit of music; there will be no fireworks, stage tricks and countless re-takes, it’s quite simple Rock’n’Roll in its simplest and rawest form.”

The nominees for International Band of the Year:
White Denim
Atari Teenage Riot
Tweak Bird