Coachella 2012 will be another great year for Dim Mak, with 4 major artists in it’s presence. Atari Teenage Riot will take the stage, bringing “Is The Hyperreal” soundwaves through the desert skies. This upcoming performance has received major anticipation by the festival-goers and press alike. reported on the future event as one of the “can’t miss acts” of the weekend…

Few bands this year will ignite mosh pits across Coachella’s desert dancefloor with quite the intensity of Atari Teenage Riot. The German anarchist band reunited in 2010 and last year released Is This Hyperreal?, with songs of hackers, protest and human trafficking. Frontman Alec Empire call’s the band’s apocalyptic punk/electronic blend “digital hardcore,” and it lands right at the sweet spot between Coachella’s rock and dance constituencies.

Spark more anticipation with two new viral treats; Alec Empire’s DJ Mix, and the all-new “Collapse Of History” music video

POSTED BY Tim Gauthier