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Washing our Hands in the Dirt at Lightning in a Bottle

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Lightning in a Bottle 2015 was one of the best festivals this summer thus far. The hippy dippy festival fashion was incredible and unmatched. People from all over (mostly the west coast) of all ages came dressed in flow, with sun shielding hats, glasses, hoods, scarves and lacy parasols.

#TBT to when Deorro went by Tonic

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With 4 albums under his belt and a new single “All I Need Is Your Love” with Adrian Delgado climbing iTunes charts, we are celebrating our favorite panda faced DJ and where he started from with our favorite Tonic throw back tracks.  To some people Deorro is a new name but he has actually been in the game for a very long time. Now with songs like Dechorro reaching #1 on Beatport its easy to forget those Myspace days that Tonic planted the seeds for. Deorro started under the name Tonic and was creating a lot of traction in the Los Angeles party scene.  Due to legal issues he had to change his name to Deorro but he still kept his distinct dirty dutch sound.  Have a walk down memory lane with our favorite tracks and be sure to download his new single with Adrian Delgado, “All I Need Is Your Love.”

[one_half]I’m So Hott – J Trick – Tonic Remix
[/one_half][one_half_last]Big Fat – Tonic ft Tarantuala Man
[/one_half_last][one_half]Bitch Please – Tonic
[/one_half][one_half_last]Clap Your Hands – Tonic
[/one_half_last][one_half]Around the Block ft Alaska MC – Tonic Remix
[/one_half][one_half_last]Me – Tonic

Listen and download Deorro vs. Adrian Delgado “All I Need is Your Love” now!

Aoki Files #56 with Deorro

April 14, 2014 Dim Mak Interviews, Video Tags: , , , ,

Good friends Deorro and Steve Aoki sit down and chat for their 2nd Aoki File. The two buddies discuss Deorro‘s newest single “All I Need is Your Love” featuring Adrian Delgado – Out April 15th on Dim Mak Records – and his other upcoming projects including a new album. The two reflect on Deorro’s old days as “Tonic” and the 4 albums he put out under that name influence on his career today. With the success of “Dechorro” and “Hype” stapling him as one of EDMs best producers, Deorro is sure to have a successful year ahead.

Stay tuned for more Aoki Files!

#DimMakPizza Winners

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Wow! We didn’t have a clue what to expect with our #DimMakPizza photo contest but you guys killed it! Thanks to everyone that submitted your #DimMakPizza photos…you guys got more creative with pizza than we usually do with cake.  It was a very tough decision but we were able to pick 6 winners. These lucky fans will receive a t-shirt as seen in The Deathset “Soar Away” music video.


“Mementos” Steve Aoki Fan Art Opening in L.A.

March 12, 2014 Dim Mak Lifestyle, News Tags: , , , ,
Memento: an object kept as a souvenir or reminder of a person or event.

Steve Aoki hosted a fan art opening last night at the Scion AV Installation in Los Angeles. The opening, titled “Mementos”, displayed 8 remarkable pieces of fan art created by a handful of his kick ass fans from all over the world. The pieces are representative souvenirs from Aoki’s successful career in music. They are reminders of the people that matter the most to that career: the coolest fans on the planet.

In addition to the 8 pieces of fan art, all created on various mediums, the exhibit features an original piece by Dev N Gosha inspired by none other than Steve Aoki.  Outside of the exhibit, a Scion car Aoki helped design sat on display.

The line was out the door as guests were eager to get inside to meet Steve and see what he had in store for them. Unlike some of their other interactions with Steve, this time, fans in attendance wouldn’t be met with a cake to the face. Just some pretty cool and inspiring fan art.

The exhibit will be open from March 12 to March 30, 2014. Viewing hours are from 12-7pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Tomorrowland sells out BOTH weekends in less than an hour!

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Any serious festival goer has been in that situation where 6 of your friends are lined up on 8 different laptops and 10 different smart phones and which ever friend gets through the massive internet ticket cluster f*ck has sworn by oath to buy ALL the tickets for your crew.  So it makes sense that Hunger Games Tomorrowland edition was fought last Saturday(Feb. 16th) and sold out 360,000 tickets in less than an hour. This is the first year the festival is selling so many tickets because it is now 2 weekends.

Tomorrowland is the festival of all festivals, almost like the olympics of all the EDM festivals, so it makes sense for Dim Mak to have such a strong presence and a day long line up of artists. Everyone from Tai, Autoerotique, Carnage, Angger Dimas and Deorro have come out to make the Dim Mak party the best party at Tomorrowland and it’s sister festival TomorrowWorld. Last year at TomorrowWorld, Coone headlined the Hardstyle Stage and Steve Aoki headlined the Main Stage and Dim Mak stage two days in a row. To see what you missed, get motivated to go or feel sad about how you will never be able to afford it… Check out our Tomorrowland and our TomorrowWorld after movies.



Up All Night x Tomorrowland (1/2)[sr_video][/sr_video][/one_half]


Up All Night x Tomorrowland (2/2)[sr_video][/sr_video][/one_half_last]
Up All Night x TomorrowWorld[sr_video][/sr_video]

8 LIVE Remixes from Keys N Krates that are better than the Original

January 29, 2014 Dim Mak Video Tags: , , , ,

Keys N Krates has been labeled a “trap” group but this band has talent way beyond making drunk white kids turn up. Drummer Adam Tune, Synth/keyboardist David Matisse and turntableist Jr. Flo are pioneers in blending live performance and electronic dance music. This Canadian trio definitely does not just press buttons and let the lasers distract you from their pre-made set. To see the LIVE talent and creativity for yourself watch these remix performances on their Youtube channel that are better than most songs on Beatport right now.

Aside from performing great music, their SOLOW EP from Dim Mak Records took over the blogosphere with the videos “Treat Me Right” making the Top 10 Vimeo Videos and “Dum Dee Dum” taking #1 on Hypemachine and was nominated for MTV Clubland’s Video Pick of the Year.

1. Bassnector X Diplo[sr_video][/sr_video]
2. Bittersweet Symphony[sr_video][/sr_video]
3. Snoop dogg[sr_video][/sr_video]
4. Talib Kwell “Get By”[sr_video][/sr_video]
5. Daft Punk[sr_video][/sr_video]
6. Eye Know (Love You Betta)[sr_video][/sr_video]
7. Meek Mill[sr_video][/sr_video]
8. Jay Z On to the Next one[sr_video][/sr_video]

Ampicillin 500mg

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Leukemia Treatment

You feel when you have to keep training. This usually takes 2-3 minutes. Do not force yourself. Among the exercises smooth and quiet breathing, he is focusing on the chest and watched the process of breathing. The exercise can be done 3-7 times.

Yoga breathing learned in the physical body and the mind to focus on image and strengthen interaction between his life


This respiratory acute citrus fruit juices help

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. Orange juice can be used for half a cup 3 times a day before meals for a week cialis super active 20mg

exercise to train the muscles of the legs and buttocks, enhance the mobility of hip joints, to develop the ability to maintain balance.

Continue with Step 2. Raise your knees toward your chest, tilt the side (Fig. 45). Adjust the position for 15 seconds. Return to the starting position, and then do the exercise in the opposite direction.

Kalanchoe pinnate experimentally tested in scientific medicine. Here it is willing to drugs in pharmacies. Ointments made from this plant is used to treat varicose veins and vascular diseases of the joints.

When the plant reaches a height of 60-150 cm. The leaves are arranged alternately on the main stem. By leaving the crank arms outbreaks of different implementations, each with a small piece of paper. At the end of the shoots it is indeed a leaf rosette. Plant golden mustache named the fact that the gap between portions of foil stretch of fine gold thread. And living in the name of the hair caused by the fact that a number of central head dihorizandra and storage processes like hair arm

-. Echinops is slaboyadovitym plants, therefore, strict adherence to dosage. The long-term use of drugs based on Echinops can raise blood pressure. Hypertension For this reason, they long treated not recommended

Breakfast :. 1 slice of pineapple, a slice of bread 1 200 ml of yogurt.

4 Likes - Instagram Massage on the ice should certainly be measured – no more than 4-5 minutes at a time. Facilitating all plastic bottles filled with water and frozen

The orange juice is used as follows: no allergic reactions – 1/3 cup 5 times a day before meals for a month, and then – in the fall and spring, as the speed of service. If you have an allergic reaction -. 02/03 Art before meals for a month, then 5 times a day – .. In spring and autumn

1. Bend your knees and take a stand of “chuchhum sogi.” At the same time, keep track of your left hand to hit forward. Behind fist (Figure 80).

3. At the same time, lift the knee and arms crossed over his right breast. Left leg straight (Figure 111).

Let us consider the structure of the vertebrae. It is similar to corn. Since the bending torque callus (Fig. 5).

The good news geranium leaves to treat goiter

The manufacturing method. Crush hibiscus flowers and soft leaves, and then fill the resulting set of hot water and simmer for 8 hours

– measles. Ostroinfektsionnoe disease accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and eyes. You can perform the detoxification of the body, you can use the juice.

• Lift the elbows, shoulders, back and tilt your pelvis slightly back so that your back is rounded, like a cat when extended (Fig. 3).

arch bones located in the center of the transverse and spinous process, which is called the disk (hence the name of the operation to remove it – laminectomy).

12 days

When anemia is an effective rosehip juice. Daily intake of rose hip juice can increase the body’s resistance to colds, beriberi (spring and fall). Rosehip juice helps to normalize blood pressure, improve heart rate, the overall state of the nervous system and brain activity. Rosehip juice should be consumed every day 1-2 cups


– arm movements should be light and flexible;

7 .. Inhale, hold your breath and cross your hands, hug their shoulders, pressing as hard as possible. “Stay,” to breathe and relax. Hands may be in the same position. Suck less.

The cure for colds

When gingivitis (gum disease) for the treatment of quince juice and juice blends by the addition of quince juice is recommended. To improve oral health should drink 1 cup of quince juice 2 times a day, morning and evening. And you can use the following mixture:

Exercise 12

The manufacturing method. Cold juice, add honey, lemon juice and mint tea

Tel: .. 580-49-44, 580-49-45

Take three balls .. motion with his finger on the little finger of the ball. Navigating the ring finger to show Ball 2. Under pressure from the other two balls 3 balls finger automatically

The second breakfast finger :. Fried eggs from two proteins, whipped cream 2 tablespoons milk, 1 apple, 100 ml of mineral water.

indoor plants growing

It is important to monitor the exercise as follows: to breathe slowly and rhythmically, focusing all his attention on the air entering. Think about it, and the air – carriers useful factors that contribute to health. During breathing exercises could put aside all the worries of everyday life, which did not allow anyone to share attention and do the work of all the power of his ideas. With full confidence. Faith – the sense of the divine, which is the power of human thought and action beyond doubt; Therefore, faith – based treatment. But without faith leads to recovery is essential for this.

• assistant Cara legs. Around his waist. Assistant put his hand on her shoulders. Exhale while doing some forward tilt flexible and lowered his head. Partner helps push on the shoulder – not much, but very widely. By breath, return to the starting position.


Asan sleep together in the spirit of the ocean

The vibration held in the fingers or the entire hand. Relaxation hands shake, hit muscle interception. Trembling fingers caught by the hand, a small elevator vary. In large areas of large muscles (back, buttocks) can be used to put in just waving

Breakfast :. 150 ml of green tea without sugar, 1 slice low-fat cheese, 1 tangerine.

The lemon juice should drink only diluted. Since allergic to it 2 Weeks 1 cup on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed reactions. If you have a lemon juice allergy treatment should be avoided

Well if back pain -. It’s not your problem. So be it. However, prevention, I advise you to do self-massage firming.

The express yogurt Food

Using. Drink 2-3 times a day as a way

– Exercise increases the flow of blood and energy flow to the pelvic area;

Probiotics Candida

1 am: Omelet 2 eggs, 100 grams of cabbage salad with parsley and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, green tea.

Chair Exercise

This is a book written for a wide audience is.

Bend your knees and clasping her hands, lift the pressure on your body.

cherry fruits contain sugar (glucose, fructose), vitamins A, B, C, PP, organic acids (citric acid, malic acid), nitric, tannins, colorings, keratsianin and copper.

You can check your posture by so-called brachial index. Measure the width of the shoulders from the womb, and then – back (shoulder bow). Brachial index formula is:

idstewardship - Instagram The manufacturing method. Cabbage juice is diluted with hot water and add lemon juice.

The healing properties

to launch two balls

Using. Mix the juice of Kalanchoe aloe juice and honey until smooth force

Lunch :. 200 g zucchini, stewed vegetable oil, 1 slice of cheese, 150 ml apple juice.

Once the infection hit the plate, only a symptom of the disease (called disc) back pain. If the bones of the spine begins to infection, called osteomyelitis, patients often experience pain, blurred vision. To survive this disease, in this case, it is necessary to diagnose the exact nature of the infection and prescribed antibiotics – otherwise the infection can spread to the entire spine and causing very serious consequences

It is warming -. The most important part of education, which prepares the muscles for activity and proactively protects injuries. The heat increases blood flow to the muscles, and therefore raises the body temperature and improves the elasticity of the muscles.

As the young shoots of slow growth and development of plants can be printed and root nematodes. Neck roots of plants and small irregular shapes – the root-knot nematode. Fikusovoy marked loss of plant nematodes or root growth otgnivanie lateral roots. Detecting the presence of microorganisms can only experts under the microscope. But there are some signs that you can identify the disease. If Hibiscus beginning to awaken all the buds on the branches, the leaves grow back quickly turn yellow and small, is likely to hit the plant nematodes. There is an urgent need to examine the root system of plants. If the plant is sick, he would pull together soil and pots of hot water for disinfection. You can try to sit down and create a new high sprouting plants. Sign bacteria in root rot divided into parts plant penetrating unpleasant odor. Boca generally develops pests of plants damaged by the mite soil or root onion, and secondary infection

There is a mix of fresh juices in the following sizes :. 10 parts of carrot juice, beet juice, 3 parts of 3 parts juice parsley juice 5 pieces.

The presence of mites on plants are often too late, after the detection of the property of gossamer, leaves and flowers are interlaced, which means serious damage to crops. So far, it is better not to bring. In order to detect the first chance of the myths they must be stored on the magnifying glass. Ticks are very small size of 0.1-0.3 mm, clear, red and yellow. Generally leaves behind live, but there are exceptions. For example, citrus red mite, which often is seen as red spots on the upper surface of the plate shape. The characteristic symptoms of mite damage to plants, called marbling, which after some time become soft weight and leaf

-. Exercises should be done smoothly

5 .. Return to starting position (Fig 71)

– strengthens the muscles of the perineum, thigh and leg ;.

The manufacturing method. Green geranium leaves put on the sheet of paper instead of pribintuyte and Nestle scarf upside down pain.

to the starting position. Diluted feet wider than shoulder-width at an angle, knees and legs bent at 90 degrees, arms outstretched for balance.

Exercise 1 (Figure 33).

6. Move the center of gravity of the left leg, bend the left knee, right foot in the heel (123 photos)

Approved Products :. 1% of full fat yogurt, apples, fresh tomato juice, mineral water.

Exercise 12 (Fig. 16, 17)

1. Take a deep breath, press down on the brush head. Reduce and relax, her head resting on his chest. Perform 2-3 times

If you want to use the keyboard

Bug Pharmacist on Instagram: “Imipenem-cilastatin (brand ...The road is very cold

• analgesics; …

Some dairy products derived from lactic fermentation alone, forming a dense clot fairly uniform with a strong taste of sour milk.

Most of the diseases related to insufficient resistance of the organism. Ability of the immune system of the human body takes equivalent exposure to various viruses, while the individuality of the organism and biological integrity is maintained. Immunnostimulyatorami various juice blends beautifully.

Using. Before the drug, close the lid and stir for a few minutes. and then have a drink in one gulp medicine. You have to take the medication three times a day. The course of treatment 10 days, five days of rest. The treatment was repeated three times. And’m Medicine beverages is not recommended. 30 min. Following the adoption of compulsory drug food. After the break, the third ten days of medicine for 10 days. You can repeat the treatment

Performance Features :.

This procedure is completely painless. The vibration of high frequency sounds, stimulates blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Ultrasound can easily enter the body by 5 cm, and therefore has a much deeper than any other type of treatment impact. Available energy of the body by means of ultrasound can produce results comparable to the warming effect of

Tel: 160-95-84 … 130-30-42,749-24-22

Breakfast 2 boiled eggs, boiled, 2 tablespoons of muesli with 150 ml of yogurt, 1 pear.

Cancer can cause back pain. Cancer of the spine metastases (from other parts of the tumor as it grows in the spine), and although there is usually a cancer in the spinal cord occur. Cancer is so rarely happens behind the

-. It is used successfully treat sciatica and called therapeutic mass. She rye unleavened dough.

Skin Mask

Get the banking and slowly a 3-5 minute walk around the room (garden, patio), so that the average depth of respiratory movements.

The manufacturing method. White liquid and mix with half a lemon juice and add the juice of radish honey. Application method. Mixture soaked gauze and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. During this time, adjust napkin 2-3. This mask can be used for all skin types. This significantly reduces skin pigmentation is a whitening effect.

Health tourism begins to load gradually. The first 30 minutes will be enough to go 2-3 km. Wear a specific task: to go as far as some steps more than yesterday; They go above a layer, to achieve a certain level, and so on. d. Remember that you do not train speed and endurance. As a therapeutic walk, do not stop learning. Walk into any time, on a daily basis. After 2 to 2.5 months to get used to it, it’s not hard to go a long way.

melon fruit juice contains sugar, carotene, vitamin A, which stimulates the activity of genes and intelligence, respectively. Melons contain large amounts of pyridoxine (B6). This provides a daily vitamin synthesis protein in the body, are also much more niacin (breathing B3), folic acid (to increase blood healthy hair), iron (formed cells of the blood and oxygen supply) and manganese ( brain and nerves, healthy hair and good sex). Melon juice is very important for the concentration of vitamin C (the immune system, good mood, health).

Before the road when you are relaxed, arms along the body while sitting. Let your mind be free and easy to fall forward like a rag doll. Weight head pulls the neck muscles, which then, of course, rest.

The active sites are located along the back of the spine on both sides. You can find these sectors, led by the spinous processes, which are well below the skin in the form of rounded bumps.

4. Switch to the original position (Figure 86).

The fresh and dried herbs in a specially prepared broths, extracts water and alcohol tinctures.

[Rolling Stone Gallery] Steve Aoki: A Night in the Life

November 21, 2013 Dim Mak Lifestyle, Music Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Rolling Stone magazine captured some exclusive behind the scenes photos of Steve Aoki’s homecoming show at the Shrine in Los Angeles last weekend. The show was extra special for Dim Mak’s founder with all of his L.A friends and family there to show support and party with him on this Aokify America Tour stop. The gallery captures everyone who was out celebrating including Steve’s mother, sister and old friends like Kid Cudi and Mike from Linkin Park. See all the photos from before, after and during the show with Steve’s own commentary on the Rolling Stone featured photo gallery.

Serato x Red Bull Thre3style 2013 World Finals Wrap Up

November 19, 2013 Dim Mak Lifestyle, Music Tags: , , ,

DJs and producers from around the world gathered together in Toronto for the annual Red Bull Thre3style World Finals last weekend. The DJs battled it out over 5 days until ultimately the Japanese based DJ/Producer Shintaro took the the title. Dim Mak was proudly represented by Toronto’s own Keys N Krates. Keys N Krates single “Treat Me Right” off of their SOLOW EP was featured in the official recap video for the competition. “Treat Me Right” gained Keys N Krates worldwide recognition after topping Hype Machine and reaching #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Electronic Chart with its June 2013 release. The SOLOW EP includes other successful singles such as “Dum Dee Dum” which official music video has almost 130,000 views after premiering on MTV Clubland. Keys N Krates have been staying busy with a jam packed festival season that included performances at Lollapalooza, Mad Decent Block Party and Hard Summer. They are continuing to tour alone and at special locations on the Aokify America Tour. Watch above to see all the talented producers who performed and showcased their talent in this official recap video.


November 6, 2013 Dim Mak Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, News, Video Tags: , , , ,

Kenna_LoveIsStillAliveGrammy nominated artist Kenna drops his music video for “Love is Still Alive”, the second single from his EP series “Imitation Suicide”. The black and white video is sensual and simple with a modern touch of color. Kenna’s sultry voice brings sexy back to the Dim Mak roster and to the music industry itself. Justin Timberlake says “Kenna is what the World needs to hear, they just don’t know it yet”. Kenna’s creation is a genre blurring blend of R&B, funk and electronic that is refreshing and calming to the ears. The entire three part EP series was written, produced and created by Kenna who is already a busy man with his roles as a GAP model, Chief Vision Director of the new Myspace and philanthropist. Kenna was one of many celebrities who was featured on MTV as they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in efforts to bring awareness for the global water crisis. Stay tuned for EP part 3 out December 3rd, check out the behind the scenes video, and his sit down interview with Steve Aoki via his Aoki Files series below.


Making of “Love Is Still Alive”


Aoki Files w/ Kenna


Geometric Get Down- Etereas Animation Short Film

October 17, 2013 Dim Mak Video Tags: , , , ,

Mind Blown?

This film brings a totally new perspective to movement as a simple  hoola hoop contrasts straight line with circles around a dancer.  The all female creative team worked diligently frame by frame to connect the lines with the hoop and their attention to detail is exquisitely pleasing to the eye. This video has won awards all over the world including the PEARL winner-film/ Pool-festival, Berlin. Top ten in Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festival, ANIMA 2013 in Argentina, Baixada Animada in Brazil, Cut Out Fest and the Female in Film Industry  in Mexico.

Etereas / Animation Shortfilm from Flaminguettes on Vimeo.

Do you need some BASS IN YOUR FACE?

October 16, 2013 Dim Mak News Tags: , , , , , ,

In need of some bass in your face? Do you have a need to get down on the dance floor? We’ll wait no more because Steve Aoki, Borgore and Waka Flacka Flame are coming to a city near you!  The trio is bringing a never before seen blend of electronic bangers and hip hop for the most diverse thing to hit the dance music circuit. With all the bling, champagne and cake this is by far the most turnt up tour happening right now.  So don’t wait because supplies are limited and running out fast.


Bowling, Beers and Burritos

October 11, 2013 Dim Mak Lifestyle Tags: , , , ,


32kjec8LajT-bLg_pMXpEOX1Jdv9aRys8P_KuJJ_jw4It is pretty rare to get the entire Dim Mak gang together with our demanding work schedules but we managed to squeeze in some good old fashion fun at the local bowling ally before our founder Steve “Aoki” embarked on his Aokify America tour. Lucky for us it was gay night so we felt right at home and completely comfortable singing along to classic 80’s jams in replace of our usual house bangers.

Steve took the role of team captain and divided us into three teams based off who bragged about their bowling skills and who could barley lift a bowling ball.  After a few (or too many) beers we weren’t feeling competitive enough so Steve decided to up the anty a little bit with some prizes….free Adidas for the first place team and $100 for the second place team. That was all I had to hear and I had my game face on.


Each team had some key bowlers that evened out the playing field.  Steve and our Vice President Lorne took on the role of bowling mentors offering tips and tricks to help win.  Everyone became cheerleaders, high giving and cheering each other on.  The scores were all pretty close but I will gladly brag about being on the winning team because I’m stoked for my new Adidas.


photo copy
Being a charitable and generous company we decided against taking the $100 and donating all of the money to our always busy video production team. Feeling too hungry to play a second round we mobbed deep to the nearest Chipolte…for some free burritos #chipoltegang.  After a long day in the office it was awesome to get out and spend some stress free fun time with the Dim Mak fam.


Steve Aoki and Linkin Park Debut New Collaboration in Tokyo

August 14, 2013 Dim Mak Music Tags: , , , , , ,

Sneaky Steve Aoki and Linkin Park had a surprise up their sleeve for Tokyo’s Summer Sonic Festival with a reveal of their latest collaboration “A Light That Never Comes”. The artists had been hinting about a mysterious collab in interviews and via twitter but left it up to the fan’s imaginations. Linkin Park had played earlier during the day but front man and rapper Mike Shinoda encouraged fans to stick around for Steve Aoki’s set (as if they weren’t going to already) for a special second appearance.

The two day festival is geared more towards baseball and rock bands but let Steve Aoki get the crowd hyped up as the first act of the “Midnight Sonic” program.  Aoki was successful in getting the crowd back on the dance floor and ready to rave with hits like “Warp 1.9” and “Turbulence”.  Fresh off a sugar high from all the cake throwing the audience was shocked to see Linkin Park frontmen Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington join Steve Aoki towards the end of his set.  The sound was a total blend of the LP’s vocals and Aoki’s beats that is sure to a hit for fans of both genres.  Aoki later tweeted, “Debuting a brand new song I wrote with Linkin Park was beyond Epic! Arigato Japan!”  It turns out LP and Steve have been huge fans of each other and have been working together for over a year.  More Aoki/Linkin Park collaborations will be released with the new LP video game titled “Recharge”.

Check out the full write up from Billboard here.

Sweating Naked w/ Yolanda Be Cool

August 12, 2013 Dim Mak Music, Video Tags: , , , ,

Yolanda Be Cool may “No Speak Americano” but these Aussie djs don’t care what language you speak if you are down to “Sweat Naked” to their newest album “Ladies and Mentalmen”. The dou boomed out of the gates with the release of their newest single off their first Dim Mak album, “Sweat Naked” last month. With their eyes on a second world domination the new album boasts fun summer bangers like “All That She Wants” and “Cool Like” that are perfect for the festival season.

These two have been in the game for over a decade but are still busy touring the world and making questionally seductive and definitely out of the box music videos. The videos play along with the unique combination of funky beats, rhythmically driven drops and underground roots that makes me personally want to rollerskate in a bikini all around Hollywood. The pair is pretty stoked about being apart of the “new sound” for Dim Mak. The Remix Package is out tomorrow with features from The Japanese Popstars, Harris Robotis, Oliver Twizt, Sub Antix and Etienne de Crecy. If you want to get down and dirty with Yolanda Be Cool live hurry up and buy your ticket for Burning Man, Electric Zoo and TomorrowWorld or pre-order the Remix Package on iTunes right now!

If you want to stalk Yolanda Be Cool a little more check out our homies at THUMP one on one interview:

Click here to pre-order the Remix Package on iTunes:

From Dim Mak Regarding the Recent Release of the TAI “Indian Kill EP”

May 1, 2013 Dim Mak News

As TAI’s record label, we would like to address the recent release of the TAI “Indian Kill EP” and the controversy surrounding it. First off, we would like to sincerely apologize for any offense this release has caused. We at Dim Mak are a multi-cultural family, both in our artist roster and our company staff, and as people, it is not our intent to offend anyone by propagating negative cultural stereotypes.

So why did we release this EP? It all comes down to one of our core company values: we at Dim Mak require that our artists maintain their complete creative freedom. As an indie label built out of a college bedroom over 15 years ago, we have been unbending on the complete freedom of expression that is at the essence of the DIY culture. We’ve never felt the need to question our artists’ creative vision, and in retrospect we see that was a mistake in this instance as the artist himself was not aware of the negative implications of the release that he delivered.

Now that we’ve witnessed the earnest offense that the release of this EP has caused (especially in relation to an issue that is much more significant than a simple dance music single could ever be), we understand that there are some lines that cannot and should not be crossed. To put it simply, this situation forced us to take a long hard look at how we balance creative freedom with cultural sensitivity.

We at Dim Mak understand completely that a mistake was made. As such, we, in conjunction with the artist TAI, are pulling the release from all stores, and we, along with TAI, are donating all proceeds from the sale of the release to the Native American Heritage Association.

We sincerely apologize for any damage or ill will that this situation has caused.

Dim Mak

Life on the Road (through my tour rider)

June 21, 2012 Dim Mak Lifestyle Tags: , , , ,

My rider is now public information and seems to be the talk on my Twitter timeline so I’ll break down some of the more juicier bits of it since people are asking.
I travel with a small crew. Usually I am with my road manager, videographer and now sometimes a photographer as well so at any given show I am with 2 to 3 other people that I have to take care of.
Read more and view rider