Autoerotique’s “WTF” Official Remix Contest – Starts Now!

Dim Mak Records is pleased to announce the Autoerotique WTF Remix Contest. One lucky winner will be selected to have their remix of Autoerotique’s latest single “WTF” featured on their upcoming EP, “EKG.”

Beginning Monday, June 18th all remixers will be able to cast their entries via Dim Mak’s Official Soundcloud Remix Page, with the contest lasting through July 16th.

Submit your RemixHow to submit your remix:
– The official single, WTF can be downloaded at
– Entries must be submitted to the SoundCloud WTF Remix Drop box at
to be considered a valid entry.

The Grand Prize winner will be featured on Autoerotique’s upcoming EP, and will include a 1-Year Pro Membership to SoundCloud, a Set of SOL Republic ‘Tracks Headphones,’ and an official Dim Mak Records Merchandise bundle.

One Runner-Up will receive a set of SOL Republic ‘Tracks Headphones’ and an official Dim Mak Records Merchandise bundle.

Winners will be announced, July 23rd.

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  4. Cue

    My Entry for the Contest, hope you enjoy!


  5. fabkira

    Contest will be hard, I heard great remix , good luck to everyone.

    My remix :

    Thanks Dim Mak Record and Autoerotique for this contest.

    I hope my remix will make you move your head !

  6. DJZ

    I will simply say that this is high quality.

  7. The Duality

    Check out our remix.


  8. Deadsoul

    Hi, here is our remix… check it out!

  9. Janksta

    Last minute entry! Had a great time working with these stems, good luck to everyone!!

  10. SlowAnimalClub

    My entry:
    Hope you like it!!

  11. Louderest

    Autoerotique’s WTF?! given the Louderest remix treatment. I had a lot of fun making this track!

    Leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you’ve also remixed the track please leave a comment with a link.

  12. jasper

    hey, this may sound stupid guys. but how do i download the stuff. it doesn’t seem to work on my computer.


    fuck these other guys, listen to my remix:

  14. V3RTRIX

    Thank you Dim Mak for putting on such an amazing contest!
    Everyone who does the remix I wish you the best of luck!
    Hey guys check out my remix of AutoErotique’s banger “WTF” @ —–>
    Thank you so much! – V3RTRIX

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    […] For more information please go HERE. […]

  16. Elias Jamous

    My remix check it out guys 🙂

    1. Jamous

      This is the link btw or you can click on my name at the top 🙂 (Elias Jamous Remix)

      (in reply to Elias Jamous)

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