Bais Haus Bday Bash #BHBB #JENKS

3pm. Dim Mak HQ. The day is getting tiresome as my hangover from my previous nights birthday celebration slowly fades. Krystal comes to my desk, demands I come outside with her to have a smoke. I am sitting pondering about stupid shit as always and out comes 100 of the finest american beers a poor hungover birthday boy could ask for. SUPRISE PARTY!!! Within 5 minutes full beer pong battles commence, as #Jenks and I (otherwise known as @bassfrehley) dominate team after team. I have to give it up to #Jenks, for he is a frat superstar after all and beer pong is second nature. I could tell that most of our opponents at the office were amateur Pongers of Beer cause we knocked em down one by one. We thought we had won the day until Josh Fish aka Pescado comes in 6 games later for a round. Now Fishy went to a big 10 school unlike most of us, and therefore has that special edge that you need in Beerpong. The game is close, but still no birthday @BaisHaus cake for Fish…. we dominate as usual… because we are awesome, duh. As the sun begins to hide behind the buildings, the alley grows a little cooler, a little darker, and a little more serious. Fish comes in for round 2 under the guise of Pescado, his drunken alter ego. He meant business this time. The game gets heated, taunts come into play, its neck and neck. We each have 2 cups left. Now comes those final moments when a pongers true self is revealed. Pescado overpowers us with a double sinker thus winning the game without chance for rebuttal. Pescado had taken the best gift away from me, and that was Dim Mak pong domination. Our reign was over, but luckily there are no losers in beer pong. By this time, 15 of us killed 200 beers. Times flies when your getting drunk in an alleyway behind your office. Hunger sets in so we hit up Big Mommas and Papas for some post pong pleasure. After a serious munch session, we call it a night. All in all, the day turned out to be fucking awesome. I have to give mad love to the Dim Mak family for hooking it up, a young @BaisHaus couldn’t have been happier.