Dan Sena ‘Song of Siren Remixes’ // Out Now

Dan Sena ‘Song of Siren Remixes’ // Out Now

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Buy Now: Dan Sena – Song Of Siren Remixes

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Dan Sena – Song Of Siren Remixes
Release Date: October 18th, 2011
Dan Sena
Dan Sena has devoted his life to music. From the age of 6 when he started playing piano, to the countless bands he’s headed from his teen years until the present, Dan has pushed his own musical legacy forward. In fact, one of those bands, Stickfigurecarousel, became the catalyst for Dim Mak Records. Steve Aoki and Dan have been friends since 1994 and it was their mutual passion for music that drove them. And it was Steve who encouraged Dan a few years ago, to expand his musical palate into the electronic world. Dan Sena has been busy the last few years DJing nationally and now producing remixes for the likes of Datarock, N.A.S.A, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Sonny Moore, Scanners. The list just keeps growing with no end in sight.
Have a look at the music video for “Song Of Siren” below…

For more info on Dan Sena visit his artist page here.

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