DM Post-Punk Vault: Volume 1 // Out Now!

DM Post-Punk Vault: Volume 1 // Out Now!

Tim Gauthier

Mustard Pimp
DM Post-Punk Vault: Volume 1 // Coming Soon!
Release Date: July 26th, 2011
21 Songs from…
Battles, Dance Disaster Movement, From Monument To Masses, Neon Blonde, Die Monitr Batss, Panthers, Miracle Chosuke, Gossip, Young People, Paradise Island, RADAR, Souls She Said, AST and Phantom Pregnancies.

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01. Dance
02. I Want Your Sass
03. Deafening
04. Headlines
05. Spread your legs release the bats
06. Thank Me With Your Hands
07. The Quiet Before
08. Gonk
09. Left Out Now
10. Nere Do Well
11. Get Up
12. Spice Must Flow (Automato Remix)
13. TV Shooters (Part B)
14. Sunken City
15. Blacktop
16. Beyond God & Elvis
17. Black Cactus Killers
18. Copter
19. On
20. Sunrise A Spectacle
21. Hollow You’re So

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Volume 1″
Released: Feb 22, 2011

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