#FreeFriday Episode No. 063: Static Revenger ft. Kay – Back Off, Bitch! (Taco Cat Remix)





Sometimes on #FreeFriday, we like to throwback to magical tracks that were released some time ago. This, however, is not one of those Fridays-as we are handing out a track JUST RELEASED on Tuesday! What?! Are we crazy?! The answer to that is yes, obviously, and you love us for it! The track inducing this insanity is Static Revenger ft. Kay – “Back Off, Bitch! (Taco Cat Remix)”. With that signature Kay sound and catchy melodies for days, “Back Off, Bitch! (Taco Cat Remix)” is a huge party condensed into one epic track. And, because you’re our favorite people in the world without whom we’d be lost, it’s totes free. The track may want you to “back off”, but we’d prefer it if you’d jump all over this hella rad #FreeFriday giveaway!

Twitter: @staticrevenger@mynameiskay
Facebook: staticrevengerKaymusik


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