#FreeFriday Episode No. 072: Scanners – Control (Boots N’ Pants Remix)

#FreeFriday Episode No. 072: Scanners – Control (Boots N’ Pants Remix)

#FreeFriday Episode No. 072: Scanners – Control (Boots N’ Pants Remix) 851 564 Dim Mak

If your Thursday turn up was too real and went straight into your Friday work morning, take a nice coffee break and let your mind and body get carried away with this relaxing, deep house remix of Scanners’ “Control” from Boots N’ Pants. Boots N’ Pants has a special place in Dim Mak’s heart as our own Matt Jenks wears the pants in this legendary DJ Dou. If you are not feeling cheap on this lovely Friday then head over to iTunes and buy the damn thang… Jenks needs the $ for strippers and adult diapers.

For all of our trillions of devoted #FreeFriday followers we have sad news for you… There will not be another #FreeFriday until next year. The struggle will be real but I know we can get through this if we all stick together and support each other. Check back in 2014 because we will be back with an all new #FreeFriday format.



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