#FreeFriday Episode No. 089: Lil Debbie – What It Look Like (ft. Katie Got Bandz)

#FreeFriday Episode No. 089: Lil Debbie – What It Look Like (ft. Katie Got Bandz)

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Some of that new #FreeFriday action for ya! #WHATITLOOKLIKE Lil Debbie and Katie Got Bandz deliver a fresh remix of the ‘What It Look Like‘ track from Lil Debbie‘s recent EP ‘California Sweetheart.’ Grab that free download and ‘Get Up On My Level Hoe!


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  • Lil debbie u are amazing in every way.especially your song creation ability.you have a natural skill for creating songs.u are the best female artist I’ve ever seen.black or white.katie got bandz u are also very talented.pop out is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.I hope that u and debbie will do more.also I hope that both of u will work with v nasty and kreashawn.debbie please try to help fix the strife between kreashawn and v nasty. I believe in my heart that if all of u were together u would captivate the world.but by u guys being separate u lose so much power.also katie please start to make some songs that takes your fans on another side of katie.like dearmoma I wana see some other sides of katie.we know u got the mobbin down growing up in chicago.I think the game god brought u and debbie together for a reason.please stay true to one another.Oak town and chi town.Chiraq and cokeland

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