Some of that new #FreeFriday action for ya! #WHATITLOOKLIKE Lil Debbie and Katie Got Bandz deliver a fresh remix of the ‘What It Look Like‘ track from Lil Debbie‘s recent EP ‘California Sweetheart.’ Grab that free download and ‘Get Up On My Level Hoe!




POSTED BY Tim Gauthier


  • June 24, 2014 Reply

    Joe Johnson

    Lil debbie u are amazing in every way.especially your song creation have a natural skill for creating songs.u are the best female artist I’ve ever or white.katie got bandz u are also very talented.pop out is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.I hope that u and debbie will do more.also I hope that both of u will work with v nasty and kreashawn.debbie please try to help fix the strife between kreashawn and v nasty. I believe in my heart that if all of u were together u would captivate the world.but by u guys being separate u lose so much power.also katie please start to make some songs that takes your fans on another side of dearmoma I wana see some other sides of katie.we know u got the mobbin down growing up in chicago.I think the game god brought u and debbie together for a reason.please stay true to one another.Oak town and chi town.Chiraq and cokeland

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