♬ Out Now: Goon Squad – Twerk EP

♬ Out Now: Goon Squad – Twerk EP

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Three unique and diverse producers come together as GOON SQUAD to unleash a six song EP by the name of “Twerk EP” today, a collection of bangers that will leave fans and tastemakers clamoring for more. Hip hop meshed with trap colliding with driving basslines, “Twerk EP” has a little bit of everything for those with discerning taste and a craving for variety. The title track, “Twerk”, could find a home on the radio as well as in a jam packed venue and will no doubt be a staple at future festivals. Each song brings a different vibe to the table, but the quality remains uninterrupted, leaving the 6-track EP consistently infectious and hyper. GOOD SQUAD have carved a niche for themselves in the intersection of hip hop and dance music, and they’ve done it well.


  • your moms other bf October 2, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    people can only put out one genre? Shit goes.. what you puttin out lil hater.. people got bills dipshit get over it

  • Fuck The Poon Squad! These wack wanna be producers have nothing to so with hip-hop. Ain’t makin money from dubstep so let jump on this trap music. Toys

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