Hacked: Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire Interviews “AnonyOps” from Anonymous

Hacked: Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire Interviews “AnonyOps” from Anonymous

710 150 Tim Gauthier

Last year I was contacted online by some Anonymous activists regarding the Atari Teenage Riot song “Black Flags”. We collaborated on a viral video project that became a document of activism around the globe from the past six months. People sent in material from student protests in Chile, the Occupy movement, Anonymous and activists in Japan demonstrating against Tepco, the corporation responsible for the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

When we received exclusive footage from WikiLeaks of Julian Assange speaking at Occupy London, we turned the third edit into a donation video for WikiLeaks, because it has been under attack by the big financial service companies for months.

Last autumn ATR toured the USA and I had the chance to meet many Anonymous activists in person. I have met quite a few people who were passionate about their political views in my life but every single individual I met in relation with Anonymous inspired me. These were people who saved lives of other activists in oppressed countries like Syria, Egypt and Iran and didn’t even want to take credit as an individual for those actions, see their name in the papers, be praised as a hero. Nobody in Anonymous even thinks about becoming a leader of the movement, which has grown so powerful over the past years. I found this very inspiring, 
especially because I work in music where people literally would do anything, even humiliate themselves on national TV, to become famous.

AnonyOps runs many websites and Twitter accounts and is very active in all kinds of Anonymous operations.

(Taken from dazeddigital.com)

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