Out Now: IllSkillz – Who Is Crazy EP

June 11, 2013 Nikki Music Tags: , ,

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IllSkillz has a very important question to ask of you today, and that question is “Who Is Crazy?” with the release of his newest EP, out right freaking now on Dim Mak Records! IllSkillz introduces fans to thundering beats and tingling vibrations with “Who is Crazy”, an EP made up of three tracks that will make your windows quake and your ass bounce as you dance yourself into insanity. The track “Let it Go (Original Mix)” has distinct and hyper sounds with the lyrical persuasion of Red N Pink sporting their signature grimey sound, while “Let it Go (Instrumental)” focuses more on the actual dubstep qualities of the same track. Three songs that would make any bass head proud to be an IllSkillz fan, “Who Is Crazy EP” brings us high quality bangers that we are indeed crazy about.

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  1. Lucia Kulenkampff 2 years

    Best music of the world!

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