Influential and Everlasting: The Life and Times of DJ AM

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By 2008, DJ AM aka Adam Michael Goldstein had made a name for himself as an accomplished turntablist and figure within the electronic music scene. He also made national headlines after he and his close friend Travis Barker of Blink 182 survived a traumatic plane crash.

In a time where the DJ was seen as a background figure, DJ AM flipped the script, making DJs the main attraction of the budding Vegas club scene. By age 32, DJ AM represented the pinnacle of his craft and had built an unprecedented empire amongst the dance music scene.

Tragically, DJ AM was also an unfortunate victim of success cut off too early when he passed away in 2009 at 36.

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AS I AM: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DJ AM centers in on DJ AM in an intimate documentary, directed by Kevin Kerslake. A veteran videographer, Kerslake has shot for legendary rock bands like Nirvana, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. After the film’s debut at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, it was named of the 15 films not to miss according to Rolling Stone. AS I AM: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DJ AM gives viewers and fans a unique lens on the life of Adam Goldstein and his enormous success, as well as a candid and compelling view into the person that fame created. An uplifting story of a man troubled by suicide attempts, abuse and drugs, DJ AM fought to be a survivor. Helping others and spreading music, AM sought to save lives through his craft and through his own struggles.

AS I AM features Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki as well as other historic industry figures such as A-Trak, Z-Trip, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and good friend Travis Barker all paying tribute to and discussing the legacy of the great DJ. It also includes never-before-heard mixes from the legend himself.

AM’s ties to Dim Mak stem from a deeply influential and close friendship between Steve and AM. In 2006, DJ AM and Dim Mak created Banana Split Sundaes, a weekly underground party at Club LAX. Staying true to the Dim Mak brand, Banana Split Sundaes was an alternative avenue for creating a new scene with an eclectic crowd – blending socialites like Paris Hilton with up-and-coming rappers like Kanye West. Insisting this party diverge from the standard club atmosphere, AM’s brought his anti-bottle service vision to life and put kegs in the middle of the dance floor.

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Still to this day, DJ AM’s mixes were the most inventive, most original and most unpredictable that you will ever hear in your life. As it stands, he is the best DJ to ever have lived, influencing underground and pop culture in ways that no one has done.” – Steve Aoki

Beyond the film, AM’s legacy as a survivor of substance abuse for 11 years lives on in the practice of helping others. The film’s distribution proceeds will be donated to MusiCares®, the chosen charity for the DJ AM Memorial Fund, which strives to provide those in the music community access to addiction recovery. This film has the opportunity to save lives, shedding light on the dark and realistic subjects of substance abuse and PTSD while celebrating an icon who used his fame as an opportunity to constantly do good.

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