The Cobrasnake Looks Back on a Decade of Shooting Hipster Parties [via VICE]

The Cobrasnake Looks Back on a Decade of Shooting Hipster Parties [via VICE] 1000 666 Tim Gauthier
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WAVEY RECAP w/ Human Life & more 9.13

WAVEY RECAP w/ Human Life & more 9.13 1000 667 Tim Gauthier
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Like several other hopefuls, I stood in line at the Barneys New York store in Beverly Hills, praying to get my hands on a new pair of Yeezys. It was 6 in the morning, and already more than 100 die-hard Yeezy fans crowded the line and of course, I managed to encounter the Supreme Annoyers. I can handle the pushing and shoving, hey – I get it. Yeezy Boosts are a hot commodity. Kanye designed a cool shoe and the world wants them. Some wanted them a little too much – no, let’s be real – way too much.

Shoe fans, as a public service, I’ve ranked their level of annoyingness for you from 10 being the very worst to 1 being manageable, so that when and if you have to deal with the die-hards,  you can take a moment, reflect and wonder if telling them off or giving the that eye roll is your best defense.

Here are the top 5 WORST people you will ever encounter at a Yeezy release. 
5. The anti-shoe.
Level of annoying: 5
The anti-shoe are a disappointing bunch. They didn’t win a raffle ticket to snag a pair, so their here to bring you down. A few hours before the shoe sold out, they were just as hyped as you, but now that they’ve lost their chance to impress their friends on Instagram, they could give less than two @$#!s about Kanye or his shoe. Their new mission: keep repeating how stupid people are for waiting in line for shoes…Here’s how to deal with them: don’t.

4. Children.
Level of annoying: 3
First of all, who let you come here? I think I have to talk to the parents on this one. You couldn’t stand in line, so you made your CHILD stay in the line for you? I mean, smart move. Small, agile, probably could sneak to the front if they were quick enough. But really, your child, who has to be less than 10? Come on now, is putting your child through this experience really worth it?  Don’t get me wrong, she may be cute, she can bat her little eyes all she wants, she’s not getting in the way of me and my Yeezy Boosts.

3. Girls that have to stand in line for their boyfriends.
Level of annoying: 8
These are the girls that have my sympathy. Maybe they genuinely want to stand in line for their boyfriends, but if I were in their position, there is no love strong enough that would make me wait in line from six am to almost ten for sneakers. Some of these girls didn’t know anything about this shoe nor did they want to be there. And the worst part? They made sure to complain about it. For all of the line to hear. Guys, do us all a favor, don’t do this to your girl.

2. This guy.
Level of annoying: 8
I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that you wore the shoe or the fact that you brought your mini segway with you.

1. The overly confident man.
Level of annoying: 10
Let’s break down this sneaker head. The smartest one here – and troll of Yeezy Boost sales. He’s got his snap back and skinny jeans tight, his vape out cause he’s “chilling.” He’s excited and worst of all, he’s trying to get you hyped but only because he’s gone through this before. He has the shoe and can tell you the 50 other places to get the Yeezy Boost. Can’t get them at Barneys? He’s on his way to FootLocker and knows a guy – give him a call. Yes, because he was in fact giving out his number. And he’ll try to make you doubt yourself. This is the guy that gets in your head and recommends instead of the sleek Yeezy Boost to go, “cop a pair of Jordan 6s.”

As. If.

You already have the shoe, buddy. Spare us all and get out of here. Why don’t you let some other people have a shot at “copping a pair?”

WAVEY 8/23 // Sweat It Out! Takeover

WAVEY 8/23 // Sweat It Out! Takeover 1000 667 Dim Mak
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Ladies Takeover Wavey this Past Sunday + Official Wavey Mix!

Ladies Takeover Wavey this Past Sunday + Official Wavey Mix! 1000 667 Tim Gauthier
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We Got WAVEY – August 2nd Recap!

We Got WAVEY – August 2nd Recap! 792 528 Dim Mak

#WAVEY July 12th Recap – Pictures and a Playlist!

#WAVEY July 12th Recap – Pictures and a Playlist! 1000 667 Dim Mak
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#WAVEY Artist Spotlight – Lauren Lane

#WAVEY Artist Spotlight – Lauren Lane 1700 1020 Tim Gauthier
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Washing our Hands in the Dirt at Lightning in a Bottle

Washing our Hands in the Dirt at Lightning in a Bottle 850 510 Dim Mak
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Dim Mak “Just Like The Good Ol’ Days” Moving Sale

Dim Mak “Just Like The Good Ol’ Days” Moving Sale 800 800 Tim Gauthier

Hosted By Mark The Cobrasnake

This weekend, Dim Mak X Cobrasnake & Friends are bringing back one of our 08’ traditions: The Cobrasnake + Dim Mak Yard Sale. In 2010, PAPERMAG’S Camille Rousseau described the Cobrasnake Yard Sales as, “notoriously epic feasts of decadence, good music and genuinely fantastic thrift store pieces,” calling for Cobrasnake Yard Sales “4ever.” This Saturday, The Cobrasnake is bringing his party to Dim Mak’s very own office—just like the good ol’ days. The sale will include vintage pieces from the Cobra Shop, discounted Dim Mak apparel, and sales from other brands TBA this week.

– First 50 People Get Chipotle Burritos!

– Ice Cream from the Heartsrevolution Truck!

– Red Bulls Gives You Wings!

– $5+ Apparel – Vintage – Giveaways –

– Stickers – Limited Edition

– Spinning Punk Rock – Indie Rock – Throwback Hip Hop – & More

Saturday, July 26th
11am – 5pm

4953 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90028

Everything Must Go! Cash Is Encouraged!

Dim Mak | Cobrasnake | Red Bull | Chipotle | Heartsrevolution

#DimMakPizza Winners

#DimMakPizza Winners 740 300 Dim Mak

Wow! We didn’t have a clue what to expect with our #DimMakPizza photo contest but you guys killed it! Thanks to everyone that submitted your #DimMakPizza photos…you guys got more creative with pizza than we usually do with cake.  It was a very tough decision but we were able to pick 6 winners. These lucky fans will receive a t-shirt as seen in The Deathset “Soar Away” music video.


The Evolution of Cumbia Music in Monterrey (via @Vice)

The Evolution of Cumbia Music in Monterrey (via @Vice) 836 452 Tim Gauthier

Since the 60’s, Monterrey has listened and danced to cumbia, a style of music originally imported from Colombia. Although it once played through the sound systems of Mexico City, nowhere else was cumbia received with as much passion as in Monterrey. There are several theories about how this city in the north of Mexico, thousands of kilometers away form Valledupar, became a stronghold of Colombian cumbia. The most accepted is that local sound systems, known as sonideros, started bringing records from Mexico City and Houston for their parties, particularly in the working-class neighborhoods of Campana and Independencia.

After a couple decades, cumbia in Monterrey evolved and found its own identity. In addition to the sonideros, bands appeared, first playing covers of classic songs, and later songs of their own, with Celso Piña being the most representative figure of this movement. At the same time, Colombians from Monterrey who listened to this music started developing their own fashions, a very particular way of dressing, dancing, and wearing their hair in a style that is neither Colombian or northern Mexican.

In company of Satanás (Satan), a local promoter and concert photographer, we went dancing to the Fe Music Hall, where we saw the Cumbiamberos RS in a face-off with other local bands. We went to a neighborhood party in the Amilpa neighborhood, we visited Rafael Dueñes (one of the first sonideros from Monterrey, who by mistake invented slowed down cumbias) in Independencia, and we talked with Toy Selectah, who, after Control Machete, has innovated, mixed, remixed and reinvented cumbia. Just as Celso Piña says, “We brought cumbia from Colombia to Monterrey, and from Monterrey to the world”.

Cumbia has changed. The local scene has diminished in recent years because of the narco related violence that has hit the city, and the army and police cut the sideburns of many Colombians. Still, the party goes on, and these guys continue to dance and dance in circles to the rhythm of guaracha.