Malente & Breakfastklub – Hymn

June 4, 2012 Tim Gauthier Blog, Music Tags: , ,

Malente returns to Dim Mak with Breakfastklub delivering a blasting Anthem to this years Sputnik Spring Break, which takes place at well known Festival site Ferropolis. It’s put on by MDR Sputnik, one of the biggest and best radio stations in Eastern Germany. ‘Hymn’ stays true to it’s name and raises your arms for ages before it kicks you in the guts. No mercy, no holding back.

Now Available: Malente & Breakfastklub – Hymn [lightbox url=”″ width=”100%” height=”100%” iframe=”true”][/lightbox] [lightbox url=”″ width=”100%” height=”100%” iframe=”true”][/lightbox]

You can also listen via YouTube: [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn[/lightbox], [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn Rory Lyons & Peo De Pitte Remix)[/lightbox], [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn (Funkin Matt Remix)[/lightbox], [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn (Slap in the Bass Remix)[/lightbox], [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn (Costello Remix)[/lightbox], [lightbox url=”″ width=”80%” height=”80%” iframe=”true”]Hymn (DJ Oder Remix)[/lightbox].

Free Download of Hymn (Kids At The Bar Remix)

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