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October 21, 2013 Tim Gauthier Music Tags: , , , , , ,

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Let’s say you have a selection of great tracks that everyone needs to hear, but they might not know the artist? Well, we have the solution. Introducing Dim Mak Records New Noise Vol. 5. This popular Dim Mak compilation highlights all the new talent you might not know about, but certainly need to discover. Volume 5 features some established players such as Tocadisco, Ryan Enzed, D.O.D, and Avesta, but all of the songs are hand selected for their ferociousness. The latest volume is crafted with only the best in electro, progressive house, trap, and even a taste of Melbourne.

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  1. Guelow Guetto Ztaar 2 years

    OOOW YEEEAH DIM MAK RECORDS YEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!! Mix N Noise!!!!! POP BOTTLES! Andy put your f****** Hands Up! Like!

  2. mg6060 2 years

    A dj is Not an Ipod! lol that song was need to be made. Buying this Vol. immediately.

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