Steve Aoki 400,000 Likes Contest – WHAT IS THE NEXT CRAZE

The Rules are simple. First subscribe to:

… like both facebook pages

You have to be 18+ and live in the continental US.

– 1 Free Round Trip Flight to Los Angeles and back
– 1 Hotel Room of our choice
– Dim Mak Swag
– Hang at the Dim Mak HQ
– Check out DMS our night club in Hollywood

What is the next craze? Is it treehugging? bottlebalancing? triangulating? You make it up! You can create the next craze! Submit Your Video of what u think the next craze is with #AOKICONTEST in the Header. We will choose the top three choices and let the fans on Steve Aoki’s facebook decide the winner!

Let the Videos Begin!!!

Contest starts now and ends soon after we hit over 400,000 Likes on the