Robert Raimon Roy’s New Music Video “Little Egypt Wavy”

Tim Gauthier

‘Little Egypt Wavy’ finds Robert Raimon Roy constructing a hybrid environment, where many ideas (e.g., Electra and Oedipal complexes, antiquity, Internet slang) around a single topic —’love’ as the triumph of hope over self-knowledge—coexist in conflict. This collagist theatre allows for a more nuanced view of courtship, one that is uncertain and complex. To quote Oscar Wilde on the subject, “We locate inside another a perfection that eludes us within ourselves, and through union with the beloved, hope somehow to maintain a precarious faith in the species.”

This new syncopation of tonal to visual euphoria was constructed by director Peter J Brant, based out of Los Angeles, CA. You can find many of his previous videos and projects by visiting his website below;

Peter J Brant Official: