Artrocker Magazine announced Atari Teenage Riot as “International Artist of the Year” nominee!

Tim Gauthier

As we’re nearing the end of 2011, many magazines, both online and print, are wrapping up their ‘best-of’ nominations for new and noteworthy artists around the world. The acclaimed Artrocker Magazine has released their official nominations list, which included Atari Teenage Riot as “International Band of the Year”.

In a statement, Marc Sallis, Editor of Artrocker said:

“A lot of awards these days are made to fill up time on TV and fill pages in glossy magazines spreads, Artrocker aims to make its first-ever awards about the music, the bands and giving the public a great gig with a line-up that will recall the heady days of The Brats and inject some much needed drunken fun and rock’n’roll back into the industry. The inaugural Artrocker Awards are cutting back the ever-expanding gloss and going for the true spirit of music; there will be no fireworks, stage tricks and countless re-takes, it’s quite simple Rock’n’Roll in its simplest and rawest form.”

The nominees for International Band of the Year:
White Denim
Atari Teenage Riot
Tweak Bird

See what people are saying about the new Atari Teenage Riot album!

Tim Gauthier

“Few bands have ever detonated as powerfully in the underground as Atari Teenage Riot. Put simply, they were the conscience of electronic music. They were a band that sounded the way you always wanted The Prodigy to sound. A band akin to Black Flag if that outfit had existed in an age where every home had a computer. And their influence burned big and bright.” – NME New Musical Express

“ATR are very much part of this process. Electronic pioneers, they have not lost their edge. The series of recent gigs and the tantalising free download show that Empire and his droogs must return to the frey full time. This is noise at its life-affirming and dramatised best.” – The Quietus

“Welcome back Atari Teenage Riot! Deutschlands Techno Punk Skullcrushers have risen again!” – Mojo Magazine

“The trio were as fiery as a bucketful of wasabi. At one point, Empire tore off of his shirt andcarried on as if it were the year 2000 all over again and all that mattered was pure energyand sonic assault. At times the songs ran together, one sounding much like the next.The show was plainly terrifying. It’s rare in a world now ruled by Miley Cyrus and JustinBieber to hear music that is so angry with itself and with everything else around it.But ATR’s overwhelming energy is difficult to deny, and difficult not to admire — preferablyfrom a safe distance.” – Spin Magazine

“For the record then, not only is Empire one of the smartest rock stars working the field, but he’s also the least boring by miles. Make no mistake, ‘Activate’ is the most exhilarating, futuristic and punk rock single of the month.” – Artrocker

“Everything from electroclashs dirty rappers to MIAs fuzzy, distorted new beats bear the hallmarks of their Digital Hardcore label and sound.” – The Guardian

“It is a literally bruising return that will hopefully last longer than the dates currently scheduled; despite Empires ongoing solo success, his stage presence is never stronger than when performing these songs with his ATR cohorts.” – Sphere Mag

“There have also been many changes in the wider world of electronic music, and its pleasing to see that ATR have evolved in a way that takes this into account, while retaining their signature sound.” – Shout4music

“This song has a gentle whiff of wild marchs on the streets, doped by at least 130 dB. Think riots, excesses and protests. Think anti-governemental and anti-fascist actions. Think mayhem.” – The 405

“ATR did not only introduced the world to a whole new sound they mixed punk attitude with electronic music.” – GlamScam

“ATR will always have a place in my heart. To be honest they were one of the first bands to get me to appreciate electronic music at all. With a perfect balance of punk attitude and electronic chaos, they created a style all their own.” – The Big Stereo

“Make no mistake, ‘Activate’ is the most exhilarating, futuristic and punk rock single of the month. (…) ATR arent like any other band. Theyre the only group that could have cut a record with Rage Against The Machine and have it be their meekest recording. Theyre the only group that iTunes have censored on the grounds that their music could create riots! Ten years and several line up changes makes no difference to tonights immediate onslaught of rave, punk, screaming and pounding gabba. The finale consists of the fiercest white noisesquall of the evening, and the audience’s reaction (moshing, screaming, crowdsurfing, shoes flying through the air) seems to indicate they dont care either.” – Artrocker

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