Atari Teenage Riots

Atari Teenage Riot “Is This Hyperreal? 2011” International Tour

Tim Gauthier

Atari Teenage Riot announce 10 new tour dates for the international side of their 2011 “Is This Hyperreal?” tour. Check out the full tour dates and locations below.

Atari Teenage Riots featured in Rolling Stone Germany and more!

Tim Gauthier

Atari Teenage Riot has kept pens moving all over the world! Check out their feature in Rolling Stone Germany. Intro Magazine took the liberty to do the same. (one of the biggest online Metal magazines in Germany) awarded their newest album Is This Hyperreal? 9.5 out of a possible 10 points. Triggerfish,, Subway Mag, Spex, and Eclat Mag all offered flattering reviews of the album as well. Check them out below.


WEB.DE review:

SUBWAY magazine news:[showUid]=12838&cHash=9c8fec1960&hnr=

SPEX review:

ECLAT MAG review:

Atari Teeneage Riot was featured in this months Tour Dates magazine!

Tim Gauthier

Atari Teenage Riot was featured in this months Tour Dates magazine! “Let’s Start a Riot” was the catchphrase for the piece, describing the cat calls of the ATR faithful. Described by the magazine as “true originals” and compared to the likes of the “Beastie Boys, Crass, and Ministry“, ATR mixes “hardcore punk, hip-hop, and pounding techno.” The article illustrates lead man Alec Empire‘s bouncy stage presence; “leaping around the stage and delivering rants against consumerism, fascism, and exploitation with a passion that is genuinely terrifying.”

ATR’s forthcoming album Is this Hyperreal? drops on Dim Mak Records digitally June 7th. Physical copies hit the shelves July 12th. Tour Magazine states that this release “shows they still have the fire to create truly punishing material” and adds, “In times like these we need bands like ATR.”