This man, nor this project, should be slept on… Kenna ‘Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide’

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“On ‘Love Is Still Alive,’ (taken from Imitation is Suicide EP series), the longtime friend of Pharell and Chad Hugo opines for love in an Emerson-inspired, harmony-soaked, haunting electronic forest, all produced by the singer himself. Were it not so solid on its own, the temptation to pull apart that vocal track and remix the hell out of ‘Love Is Still Alive’ would be hard to resist.” – BILLBOARD.COM

“Over some funky production from Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, Kenna channels a quirky Talking Heads vibe for ‘Relations,’…” – PIGEONS AND PLANES

In this day and age, it’s harder and harder to find great minds with progressive, forward-thinking ideas, especially in certain areas within the music industry, where shock value has a higher price tag than raw talent. So when someone like Kenna comes along, you should sit up and pay attention because you are not going to want to miss what he is bringing to the table. Ethiopian-born and Los Angeles-wise, Kenna is a philosophizing producer who approaches life and music with massive energy and passion, saying in an interview with WILD Magazine, “At a certain point you realize that God and the universe have conspired to give you all the tools and relationships to build the world you want to live in, and the success you feel is your purpose in life.” With a mindset like that, it’s no wonder Kenna has critics raving and fans of multiple genres taking notice of this Grammy-nominated artist on a mission. But what good is a load of talent if it’s not being used to call attention to a cause greater than one’s self? As a pioneer of the global clean water issue, Kenna devotes his time, resources, and status to make people more aware of the issue at hand and what to do about it. Sheesh! Does the guy ever sleep? Let’s recap: brilliant, endlessly talented, generous, and an activist? Time to look around, people, because Kenna is taking over.

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“If you’re on the prowl for some deep bass and grind-hungry ladies, then look no further than Grammy-nominated artist Kenna’s new video for ‘Relations (An Ode to You and Me).'” – VIBE

“The EP offering features only three tracks, but that does not deplete the quality throughout the new and intriguing project. Released via Dim Mak, electronic-inspired production is a common theme throughout the short compilation…” – HYPETRAK

“Kenna’s one of those artists with his fingers in so many different fields that it’s hard to believe that he’s just one dude with two arms.” – KARMA LOOP

With his most recent and ambitious project, the “Imitation Is Suicide” three-part EP series, Kenna brings a plethora of genres under one roof with vastly different influences and inspirations.  “For me, this EP is about art and the influences that help shape my perspectives,” said Kenna“You can definitely hear the Rick James, The Cure and David Byrne influences, but you will also see the Buggles, David Lynch, Hitchcock and Warhol references as well. I know they say imitation is flattery, but without acknowledging your influences I think ‘Imitation is Suicide.’ Inevitably,” Kenna stated in an interview with With ample singles to be pouring from “Imitation Is Suicide,” music blogs all across the board are absolutely amped. says “the project will pack all the funky electronic grooves and memorable melodies we’ve come to expect from the currently-unsigned musical innovator,” while the music lovers over at are saying “the EP is a rather dope collection of all new material from the singer/songwriter and producer, showing off his range, his vocal abilities and his influences.” Just type Kenna into your preferred search engine and watch the rave reviews roll in from hip-hop fans to house fans to just straight up music lovers; it’s becoming increasingly clear that Kenna has earned his way into our hearts and our speakers for very good reasons indeed.