little egypt wavy

“Little Egypt Wavy” premiered on MTV Iggy!

Tim Gauthier

THIS IS NOT A TEST. Jacksonville, FL native Robert Raimon Roy fries our brains to a fricassee in “Little Egypt Wavy” from the upcoming Le Tigre Blanc. While we enjoy his clever blend of electronica, hip hop, and soul, the stuttering images and baseline leaves our minds (pleasantly) wavy, too.

Check out the post on MTV IGGY.

Robert Raimon Roy’s New Music Video “Little Egypt Wavy”

Tim Gauthier

‘Little Egypt Wavy’ finds Robert Raimon Roy constructing a hybrid environment, where many ideas (e.g., Electra and Oedipal complexes, antiquity, Internet slang) around a single topic —’love’ as the triumph of hope over self-knowledge—coexist in conflict. This collagist theatre allows for a more nuanced view of courtship, one that is uncertain and complex. To quote Oscar Wilde on the subject, “We locate inside another a perfection that eludes us within ourselves, and through union with the beloved, hope somehow to maintain a precarious faith in the species.”

This new syncopation of tonal to visual euphoria was constructed by director Peter J Brant, based out of Los Angeles, CA. You can find many of his previous videos and projects by visiting his website below;

Peter J Brant Official: