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Mustard Pimp’s “ZHM” featured on Nocturnal Wonderlands 2011 trailer

Tim Gauthier

To kick off the 2011 return of Nocturnal Wonderland, they released an official trailer containing Dim Mak’s own Mustard Pimp. Check out the featured track, “ZHM (Dada Life Remix)” on this YouTube clip.

Get ready for Mustard Pimp’s “No Title Or Purpose” with their latest Mini-Mix

Tim Gauthier

Mustard Pimp is getting everyone freshly prepared for their first full album, “No Title Or Purpose”, due for release on October 25th. Much like us, waiting is always the hardest part… But have no fear, the mini-mix is here!! Listen below for a snippet of each track from the French duo’s latest project…

Dim Mak part of the Illuminati?

Tim Gauthier

We stumbled upon this hilarious(but awesome) post on the Vigilant Citizen Message Boards.
Why don’t you give it a read and tell Dee(writer of the post) what you think about it. 🙂


Has anybody else noticed shady symbolism in dance/house music clips?
It appears nothing is sacred and that the Illuminati is controlling every possible genre in order to reach out to every single demographic and person.
Is this chick insane, you ask? I thought I was going mad too and reading way too far into things, but I thought to myself: What is with Calvin Harris’ obsession with luminous glasses? Why does Steve Aoki have a fixation with masonic images? Why does the Mustard Pimp-Money Shot single cover have a picture of Baphomet on a one dollar bill (which of course is riddled with masonic images). Too much to be a coincedence.
One video clip that set me off was Turbulence-Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke and Lil John. Steve Aoki, founder of Dim Mak Records (Dim Mak=Death Touch. Coincedence?) is renowned for making tunes with a liquid, brain numbing bass. Seems like the beat isn’t the only thing brain numbing in his music, and you only have to watch his video clips for a few seconds to know what I mean.The images are clear. Pyramids, hypnotising goggles, you name it. Lil Jon wearing gold fangs (The beast?), being struck by lightning(electro shock therapy) and then being being drenched in rain (rainman)

Watch it for yourself:

Another Steve Aoki tune, “I’m In The House” feat. Zuper Blahq (AKA the alter ego of B.E.P Will I Am) follows pretty much the same formula, using constant images of hypnotism, glasses, checkerboard patterns, gas mask (apocalypse?). The clip is directed by Jam Sutton, a famous photographer who collabs with all the big names, including NERD and Natalia Kills (Both Masonic artists. Yep. Another coincedence).
I had a look at his website and it isnt hard to see that he too, uses the masonic theme all through his work!


I implore you to have a look at James Suttons work, it speaks for itself.

Mustard Pimp/Jimmy Urine-Money Shot:
This one’s a doozy. Its all there. Baphomet. One dollar bills. George Washington falling down a grave into Hell.VERY obvious pyramids,skulls, pentagrams, Marching Freemason ruler/compass symbols, all seeing eyes and masonic/satanic images EVERYWHERE.The title Money Shot suggests ejaculating into a persons mouth=pornographic. It is CRAZY AMAZING just how obvious and in-your-face the imagery is in this clip. It may be good to note that Mustard Pimp is a Dim Mak artist. (Remember what I said before about Steve Aoki?)

Deftons Ft Mustard Pimp-You’ve Seen The Butcher:
All Seeing Eyes. A library (knowledge, one of the freemason values). It seems to be some sort of ritual/blood sacrifice, and the girls dancing in the blood seem to be getting off from being drenched in blood.



The Freemasons (Duh.)

Notice the Checkerboard floor,and the singer is the only one dressed in black.

LCD Soundsystem-
The Vigilant Citizen already did a great expose on LCD Soundsystem

Whats with the mouse head? Mickey mouse? Monarch programming?

Bloody Beetroots-

The labeled themselves Death Crew 77? Why? A Third member joined in 2010. 3? Part of Dim Mak Label=connections with Steve Aoki.

Did you see the skull on the wall at the beginning of the clip? Torture. Black and White.Light at the end of the tunnel=path to illumination?

Skull and Cross bones. Initiating young people into a group.Standing in ranks, slavery, conformity. Violence. Killing the young people? Robotic sounds throughout song.

Have a look for yourselves, tell me what you think.


Recap of Mustard Pimp and PeaceTreaty headlining Control at the Avalon (7.1.11)

Tim Gauthier

Dim Mak label mates Mustard Pimp and PeaceTreaty rocked the Avalon last Friday for their weekly Control. Check out photos and watch live video from last weeks performance below.
Check out Mustard Pimp spinning their recent hit single “Money Shot” and PeaceTreaty playing a banging remix of “Walking on a Dream.”

Videos by: Chris of CxC Photos.

Photos by:

Tom Staar’s remix for Mustard Pimp’s unreleased track “ZHM” featured on BBC’s Radio 1

Tim Gauthier

Mustard Pimp’s new track ZHM is set for a July 5 release. Tom Staar recently made a remix to the song and it was featured on BBC’s Radio 1 on Kissy Sell Out’s radio show. It’s only available for two more days (until Thursday) so take a listen!

Click here to check out the post on BBC Radio 1.

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe 8 Mixtape

Tim Gauthier

1)Mustard Pimp – ZHM (Intro Edit)
2)Mustard Pimp – ZHM (Tom Staar Remix)
3)Warrior Bros – Jafar (Doctr Remix)
4)Mumbai Science – Lotus
5)Mustard Pimp (w. Jimmy Urine) – Money Shot (Felix Luker Remix)
6)Neoteric Wax Motif – Go Deep (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)
7)Sound Of Stereo – Diamond
8)iPunk – Negativ
9)Myback – Fewra
10)D’ Secret SVC – Alley Cat (Modek Remix)
11)Viro & Rob Analyze Feat Whiskey Pete – Limelight (TJR’s Let’s Ride Vocalized Remix)
12)Deftones – You’ve Seen The Butcher (Mustard Pimp Remix)
13)The Loops Of Fury – I Need
14)Afghan Raiders – Tunnel Vision (Mustard Pimp Remix)
15)Yello – Oh Yeah (Tom Staar Remix)
16)Bart B More – Traction
17)RESET! – Love & Revolution
18)VNNR – What ! (Modek Remix)
19)BeatauCue & Shinichi Osawa – H.O.W.L.
20)Ginuwine, Timbaland & Missy Elliot – Get Involved (Adam F & Hervé’s Stadium Kaos Remix)
21)Something a la Mode – Show Me (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
22)Haezer – It’s Not Our Fault (DJ Antention Remix)
23)Dilemn – Don’t Break It (Polymorphic Remix)
24)Chewy Chocolate Cookies – Retard
25)The Subs – Don’t Stop (Mustard Pimp Remix)
26)Counterstrike & The Panacea – Zefbass
27)Counterstrike & The Panacea – The Minotaur

Afghan Raiders – Tunnel Vision (Mustard Pimp Remix)

Tim Gauthier

Check out Mustard Pimp’s remix of Afghan Raider’s “Tunnel Vision” below.
For a free download of the original version, click HERE.

Video: Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine – Money Shot (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tim Gauthier

Purchase it here :

Itunes :
Beatport :

Animated and Edited by :

Christophe Courty, Valentin Gault, Matthieu Colombel, Cyrille Macé, Barth Picq, Vincent Ben Abdellah, Mathieu Chevallier, Thomas Lecomte, David Locard and Donald Simonet

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 7

Tim Gauthier

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 7 by mustard pimp

Here is the Track listing…

01)Gesaffelstein – Hatred
02)WhiteNoize – The Underground
03)Disco Of Doom – Space 2.0
04)The Loops Of Fury – Rack Em (Modek Remix)
05)Busy P – Procrastinator (Hey Today! Remix)
06)Wazabi – Turbulenz (Modek Remix)
07)Jaymo & Andy George – Tension
08)Mustard Pimp – ZHM
09)Nom De Strip – Hardplatz
10)Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine – Money Shot
11)The Boomzers – Rowentah (Tezuma & Kint Remix)
12)Rawfare – Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)
13)Casino Gold – Leveler
14)Casino Gold – Warpaint
15)Mika Chew! – And Swallow!
16)Mustard Pimp w. Blatta & Inesha – Dirty Knees
17)Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin (Lazy Rich Remix)
18)Lee Mortimer – CTRL
19)Oh My! – Run This Town (Reset! Remix)
20)Deftones – You’ve Seen The Butcher (Mustard Pimp Remix)
21)DJ Antention – My Body Surrender
22)DJ Antention – Look My Weapon
23)Keatch – Cutting Edge
24)Keatch – This Is Belgium
25)ZZT – ZZafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
26)Jaymo & Andy George – Midnight
27)The Subs – Don’t Stop (Mustard Pimp Remix)

Mustard Pimp “Money Shot” Single Feat. Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence Out Everywhere Now!

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Mustard Pimp
“Money Shot” feat. Jimmy Urine
Single + Remixes

Purchase Here:
Release Dates:
03.01.11 (iTunes Exclusive)
03.15.11 (Out Everywhere)

Mustard Pimp: The unclassifiable French production dynamic duo who continually trail-blaze new sounds and perpetually destroy the lines between musical genres. Blending a myriad of electronica, metal, rock, hip hop, and eclectic influences, The Baron and eKa of Mustard Pimp have garner fans from the all corners of the music universe.

Baron can trace his roots to DJing acid and techno music, while eKa can recognize his beginnings as a guitarist in a French metal band. Both eventually joined forces to make diverse remixes, instantly receiving support from well-established musicians, which include the following: The Crookers, Steve Aoki, Eagles of Death Metal, Shinichi Osawa, Designer Drugs, Steed Lord, Partyshank, A1 Bassline, Larry Tee, Dada Life, Stereoheroes, Deftones and Bryan Cox.

Mustard Pimp’s debut single “Oh La La Satan” captured the blogosphere by storm and they have yet to look back. Iconic taste-maker Steve Aoki, immediately took a shine to the group, and Mustard Pimp signed the singles, “Cherry” and “Kiwi” to Aoki’s flagship: Dim Mak Records and subsequently released their first EP titled “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to critical acclaim. The same year, they released a 12-hour mixt-ape called Hercules Mixtape, which represented all of their influences. To top it all off, they doubled the number and did it again in January 2010 with a 24-hour mix that continues to be a global hit.

In addition, they have released more than 30 mixtapes within the last two years. To date, their original songs, remixes, and mixtapes have already been downloaded over 500,000 times. Their latest mixtape series – Catastrophe: Volumes 1-5 continue to barnstorm the top blogs across the world and have propelled Mustard Pimp to being one of the most highly sought after emerging artists of 2010. Mustard Pimp has been on a perpetual world tour playing for adoring fans new and old, cris-crossing the globe in partnership with the biggest and best parties and festivals worldwide. In the last year the duo have found themselves in the biggest clubs across Europe, North America , Asia, and Australia.

In 2011, Mustard Pimp is set to explode. Their first full length album “No Title of Purpose” is set for release on Dim Mak in May. The album, a patchwork of their diverse influences features collaborations with some of todays rising and established stars including: Skrillex, Atari Teenage Riot, Chali2na, Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence, Dirtyphonics, Puppetmastaz, Blatta and Inesha, Ze and more. The first single “Money Shot” an intense rocker of a track features Jimmy Urine of the famed group Mindless Self Indulgence and will be released worldwide on Dim Mak March 1st.

Upcoming tours include stops at Webster Hall in NYC, Avalon in Los Angels, SXSW Music Festival in Austin, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Get a Preview Of “Money Shot” by downloading the Free MP3 Remix by Doc Trashz.

For more info on Mustard Pimp visit their page HERE.

Video: Mustard Pimp @ Avalon – Money Shot Teaser

Tim Gauthier



Mustard Pimp
“Money Shot” feat. Jimmy Urine
Single + Remixes

Purchase Here:

Release Dates:
03.01.11 (iTunes Exclusive) // 03.15.11 (Out Everywhere)

Get a Preview Of “Money Shot” by downloading the Free MP3 Remix by Doc Trashz.
For more info on Mustard Pimp visit their page HERE.