Out Now: Infected Mushroom – Nation of Wusses Remixes

Now Available: Infected Mushroom – Nation of Wusses Remixes

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Recognized as one of the most triumphant live acts on the planet, Infected Mushroom continues to stride through the booming electronic dance music world with their multi-dimensional psychedelic trance…

Download Infected Mushroom’s 2nd Single “Nation Of Wusses” Now!

Dim Mak and Elektro Daily has teamed up to provide something special – a free leak of Infected Mushroom’s 2nd single off the Army Of Mushroom’s LP, “Nation Of…

Infected Mushroom – Nation of Wusses(Out Now!)


An Inside Look At Infected Mushroom’s 2nd Single: Nation Of Wusses

Infected Mushroom brings us back into their personal studio space, showing an inside look at how their next single, Nation Of Wusses came into completion.