Hear Felix Cartal’s “Solar” featured in Benny Benassi’s new Radio Mix!

Tim Gauthier

From their new Solar/Lunar EP, Felix Cartal and Keatch’s massive track “Solar” continues its praise around the globe, this time with Benny Benassi’s new Radio Mix (ep. 168)!

Also included are Steve Aoki & Afrojack’s “No Beef”, as well as PeaceTreaty’s remix of “Heard Of Us”.

Listen to it here.

Felix Cartal & Keatch “Solar” EP – OUT NOW!

Tim Gauthier





Felix Cartal & Keatch “Solar” EP
Release Date: April 26th
Felix Cartal was born with a passion for hard hitting electronic music. His distinctive method of incorporating abrasive distortion, intense instrumental build-ups and unique frequency variations in his songs gives Felix a sense of versatility within the electronic scene. This versatility has led Cartal to become one of the leaders of heavy-house – a genre known for its relentless intensity and bass and distortion heavy melodies.

1. Solar
2. Lunar


For more info on Felix Cartal visit his page HERE.