Video: TAI Down Under

Tim Gauthier

Tai documented his recent Australian tour. It’s bananas. He rocked college kids at the University of Canberra by night and ravers at the Future Music Festival by day. Whether from mobile phone or HD camera, this tour dairy documents everything from after hours partying to golf carts races. A funky Australian stage hand also makes his international dancing debut. An air cannon blasts Tai and the hosting club owner’s hair “left” (the air blast revealed their female friend was wearing underwear to which the club owner asked, “Who told you to wear underwear at my club?”) Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki makes a cameo on stage and at the casino. There is also a guest appearance from a llama… and possibly a koala. Don’t believe me until you see it for yourself.

TAI’s Spring 2011 DJ mix

Tim Gauthier

Check out Tai’s Spring 2011 Mix. It should hold you over until his next EP drops this Fall on Dim Mak Records! Tai’s first EP “Beat Down” was a smashing success!

Here is the track listing for Tai’s Spring 2011 Mix

Video: D.I.M. plays Paradise Poltergeist by TAI

Tim Gauthier

Live @ Boys Noize Rec. Night – D.I.M. plays Paradise Poltergeist by TAI.

Paradise Poltergeist is a track off of TAI’s “Beat Down” EP, released off of Dim Mak Records.
Available on iTunes and Beatport.