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Want to Win Tickets to #MysteryLand?

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Get your festival gear ready, because Dim Mak has partnered with SeatGeek for a chance to win tickets to Mysteryland 2014. The grand prize winner will get two Mysteryland VIP passes, while the first runner up will receive two Mysteryland GA passes, and the second runner up will get a Dim Mak Party Pak. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this opportunity to party with us in the famous Woodstock grounds!

Dirtyphonics Ticket Giveaway for Los Angeles!

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Hey Dirtyphonics fans! Feeling lucky? We are giving away free tickets to their show this Thursday, April 18 at Club Nokia with Modestep and Mimosa. The party is going to be filthy so don’t miss out! Enter to win by simply filling out the form below. Good luck!



Winners will be contacted on Thursday, April 18.

More Info:


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Win Tickets to See Dirtyphonics Live!

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The forthcoming debut album from Dirtyphonics, Irreverence, is out March 19th on Dim Mak Records. Following this release, Dirtyphonics will embark on their North American “Irreverence Tour” with its first stop on March 27th in Vancouver. The tour will span over 30 dates and will propel them through many major markets as well as anticipated performances such as this year’s Coachella Festival in Indio, California. In order to reward their devoted and most engaging fans, Dirtyphonics has opened up a contest that will provide 30 lucky winners with a chance to catch them live. Simply click the link that follows and enter the contest via Facebook to secure your chance to witness what will be nothing short of a full-blown sensory experience.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 9.04.32 AM

Holland Days with Jamal: An Interview With PeaceTreaty

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We’re proud to present a new section on the Dim Mak blog called “Holland Days with Jamal”. In these weekly series our newest intern Jamal will interview various artists and at the same time learn a lot about the American culture and the Dim Mak family.

Jamal’s second interview is with one of Dim Mak’s own artists PeaceTreaty, who will be playing tonight at Dim Mak Tuesdays. Big Room House fans can be very excited as they’ll also be releasing “In Time Remixes” EP next week on Dim Mak Records. You can pre-order the EP on iTunes here.

Tickets: In order to get tickets for tonight’s show, click here:
Also, PeaceTreaty are giving away 2 pairs of tickets for tonight’s show! Head over to there Facebook page for more info.


Hi guys, could you tell me what you’re doing on this very moment?
Josh: Right now I’m actually working on finishing up this disco track that I started the other day and hopefully it gets done tonight. I guess it depends on the groove and how much coffee I have brewing.

You’re busy finalizing your album which is planned to come out on Dim Mak Records. How do you guys feel about the tracks?
Josh: The tracks are coming out great its gunna be quite the relief when this is all done as its been going on for quite a bit and I know everyone is really anxious to hear it. The best part about the creation of this album was exploring our creativeness to make other genres and experiment with all types of production tricks and techniques but adding our own twist to it. We got to work with a lot of great people which was quite humbling and we couldn’t be happier with how these collabs are coming out. In all we are more then excited to show everyone out there how who we are and actually becoming.

Will you be playing some tracks of that album on February 12th at Dim Mak Tuesdays?
Josh: Of course. Thats probably what I am most looking forward to.

What would you do if Steve (Aoki red.) was standing next to you with a cake in his hand?
Josh: It all depends on the cake. Obviously if it was a type of chocolate cake we join in on a very exquisite candle lit dinner but if it’s like strawberry or some crappy cake like that then anything applies.

How did your date with the mysterious PeaceTreaty girl (where you got the name from) go, back in the day? Please describe it to us.
Ummm it was fun. It was definitely a starting point for me in wanting to actually pursue producing. I remember we would always listen to BBC Radio 1 like Kissy Sell Out & Pete Tong every week and I always thought it would be unreal to actually get one of my tracks played on there as I was just starting this out on my own the time. Sure enough it all came true. Its quite amazing to look back and see some of your accomplishments but really you never ever think about it cause your always too busy trying to look ahead.

Finish this sentence: Big room… House 🙂

If you had to pick: Ableton, Logic or FL Studio?
FL Studio but unfortunately we use Logic.

Jameson or Crown?
Double jameson straight on the rocks with a shot of pickle juice.

For more info on Dim Mak Tuesday’s with PeaceTreaty, click here.
Follow Jamal on Twitter here.

Ticket Giveaway: Proxy – Music From The Eastblock Jungles Tour

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205984_10152419934690468_1100951216_n To help kick off Proxy’s Music From The Eastblock Jungle Tour we’re giving away a pair of tickets to six stops including Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Austria. For your chance to win a pair of tickets on us, simply fill out the form with the location you’d like to see Proxy, and you’ll automatically be entered in our giveaway. Good luck!


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Ticket Giveaway: 3LAU Your Mind Tour (Fonda Theatre)

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Dim Mak Live will be giving away tickets to the 3LAU Your Mind Tour. For this stop at the Fonda Theatre on December 14th we’re giving away 5 pairs of tickets for the show. For your chance to win simply fill out the form below selecting the city you’d like to win tickets for. Good luck!


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Tickets are also available for purchase:

For more info:

Ticket Giveaway: Steve Aoki’s Birthday Bash w/ Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Dirtyphonics

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With Steve Aoki’s birthday bash just around the corner, we’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets to the celebration at the Shrine in Los Angeles. There is no reason to miss this with Dirtyphonics and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike flying in from overseas to join in on the fun. Birthdays only roll around once a year and we’re giving you a chance to your way in. It’s as easy filling out the form below… So don’t wait around you could be the next winner! Good Luck!

Tickets are also available for purchase:
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Ticket Giveaway: Azari & III x Sonar Festival

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We recently welcomed Azari & iii to the Dim Mak family this past month, now they’re making their way overseas for their first North American Tour. We’d like to give all of you a chance to win a pair of tickets to one of their upcoming stops on the Sonar Tour featuring Azari & iii alongside Die Anywoord, Seth Troxier, Paul Kalkbrenner, Tiga, Gesaffeistein, and Nic Faniciullito. We’re giving away a pair of tickets for each of the tour stops. It’s as easy filling out the form below and including which show you would like to attend… So don’t wait around you could be the next winner! Good Luck!


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Contest Entry:

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