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Tyler The Creator gets cozy on The Arsenio Hall Show and explains it all…

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Arsenio Hall & Tyler The Creator got the chance to talk out some current events, and as expected, Tyler’s personality is perfect for the best interviews out there. A lot of great topics were covered like what inspired his direction for the “Glowing” music video, and why kids need to follow their own paths rather than what their parents want. Getting comfortable on the studio couch, Tyler continued to give his thoughts on certain racial slurs and derogatory words having no personal meaning, President Barack Obama, and love for Quincy Jones. Watch it above and let us know what you think of it all.

Tyler, the Creator “Thurnis Haley” Promo Video

Tim Gauthier

Tyler, the Creator drops a new promotional video is support of his upcoming Goblin release. Tylers alter ego Thurnis Haley decides to make an appearance for reasons unrelated to the album.