Hasse de Moor hits us with his Dim Mak debut EP 🔥 “Buck Wild” 🔥

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Dutch production prodigy Hasse de Moor is here to spread his “no mercy” style of bass music and shatter genre boundaries with his Dim Mak debut EP “Buck Wild.” Moving the electronic needle forward with each innovative track, the self-proclaimed “Monkeyboy” serves up his patented jungle-infused sonic debauchery with a groundbreaking 4-track bundle.


Daily Download from Rolling Stone: Autoerotique – Asphyxiation (Wuki Remix)

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YOU GUYS. I was already excited about it being Friday, had already done my celebratory “it’s Friday” dance and everything, and then I find out that Rolling Stone is giving away some Dim Mak Records music like right freaking now! Autoerotique’s “Asphyxiation (Wuki Remix)” is yours to download over at rollingstone.com, and it’s just in time for the “Asphyxiation Remix EP” that comes out next week! Head over to Rolling Stone for the Wuki remixed track of the beloved “Asphyxiation” and stay tuned for the full Remixes EP to release next week on Dim Mak Records, your source for all things truly awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.22.24 AM