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Some of you might not know this but Steve started out in the Hardcore punk scene. Actually the first ever dim mak release was a hardcore ep. After releasing A hardcore single with Bob Rifo as Rifoki his Album Wonderland was a logical step to again introduce part of his roots Amsterdam’s Sick Boy also came from a background of loud guitars so when the two decided to collaborate on “The Kids will have their say” it was inevitable that it would be a loud in your face track with a punk influenced attitude.

What would be cooler then having people play on it that influenced Generations of kids to pick up a guitar or drumsticks? Here’s a Lil info on “Big” John and Erik, the guitarplayer and drummer on the track.

Big John started out in the infamous punkband The Exploited in the early 80’s. The band got know for “punk’s not dead, I hate copcars, let’s start a war, Fuck the USA” and lots of other short,tight punktracks. Around 84 John Quit the band and started other musical adventures. One of them being Goodbye Mr Mckenzies which featured a Young Shirley Manson who later Joined Garbage.

John later became guitartech for Kurt Cobain (Nirvana anyone?) and even played shows with them before Pat Smear became the Second guitarplayer in The Band.
Check out MTV News Back in the day:

Erik Tunison was Drummer for legendary punkband Die Kreuzen. A band that influenced bands like Napalm dead, Therapy?, Sonic Youth, Voivpoid and lots of Others. Check out some early TV performance:

After Die Kreuzen quit Erik became part of a band called Fuckface….yeah really.
Die Kreuzen got Inducted in the Milwaukee Hall of Fame Last year and are actually doing a reunion show soon. Check out the Facebook page for the event and show some support!

Sick Boy just released an Official video for his track “Bang your Head” which has remixes by Clockwork, Dirty Disco Youth and Per qx. Its heavy and the video is a bit aggressive. Lets just say GIRL POWER. Check it out here:

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