The Results Are In! Winners of the Autoerotique “WTF” Remix Contest!



After hours of listening to countless (amazing) submissions we’ve reached our final vote, ending with 1 Grand Prize and 1 Runner Up contest winner!

We know that many of you were impatiently waiting for this announcement, so with no further ado here are the top 2 remix submissions of the Autoerotique “WTF” Remix Contest. If you see your name here, please scroll towards the end of the post and follow the instructions we have for you.

Runner Up: Bring The Noise

Grand Prize: Damaged Goods

Congrats to both contest winners! To Damaged Goods – We’ll be sending you Soundcloud’s 1-Year Pro Account Upgrade! Both of you will receive SOL Republic’s beloved “Tracks” Edition Headphones, and a Dim Mak Records Merch Pack!

Stay tuned for the release of Autoerotique’s next EP; “WTF”, featuring remix our Grand Prize winner, Damaged Goods!


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  1. Alex Gold

    yeah i dont understand really, these tracks are good but there was a lot of awesome tracks, better then these two… WTF?

  2. Andrew Means

    for real? hmmmmmm . im not sure i understand the criterion… did it have to be shittier than the original?

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