The Return Of The Russian — Presenting Dim Mak’s Newest Artist: Proxy

The Return Of The Russian — Presenting Dim Mak’s Newest Artist: Proxy

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In the Russian port city of Vladivistok, near the country’s borders with China and North Korea, Proxy was born into a world of relative cultural isolation. No scene from which to emerge. No connections on which to draw. A lone Prodigy show amid hundreds of thousands in Red Square inspired him to crush the masses with synthesizers. A demo submitted to Tiga’s MySpace led to an arranged marriage with Turbo Recordings, a shining Western meritocracy.

Proxy was immediately accepted as a peer by the likes of Soulwax, Tiga, Mr. Oizo and Erol Alkan on the strength of astonishing, severe tracks like “Decoy”, “Dance in Dark” and the beyond-massive instant classic “Raven”. He has also been called upon to remix artists including Moby, The Prodigy, Peaches, ZZT, Digitalism, Boys Noize, and Azari & III. Their respect for his talent also bespeaks a certain degree of fear, much in the way prosperous nations will ally themselves with nuclear superpowers because they know it is in their most basic interest to do so.

He has rarely been photographed or interviewed. Our relationship to him is a one-way Iron Mirror: he can see us; we cannot see him. In a scene largely ruled by minor aesthetic variations, decidedly the realm of the privileged, to Proxy “lifestyle” and “image” considerations are not only irrelevant, they are contemptible. He is governed by fewer rules, but more severe ones.

Proxy makes music that forces the body to react. It is not aesthetic in its conception; it is visceral. His ideas are universally effective because they are unclouded by notions of taste and sentiment. This is not to say his music lacks emotional resonance; it evokes an existential angst, drawn from our autonomic fears of violence and annihilation. But this is the by-product of massive amounts of unleashed energy, not deliberate calculation. It is no more a cynical manipulation than an attacking bear “manipulating” you into shitting your pants.

And now, after years of anticipation and anxious dread of the inevitable, Proxy heralds the impending Heat Death of the Western World with MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES. The debut album is set for release in Fall 2012 on Dim Mak in North America and Turbo Recordings internationally.

The rise of Proxy has spawned a legion of imitators, igniting a one-sided arms race with a remote Saturnine Giant. As they inevitably die off, an essential difference emerges. They peddle “bombs”. He is The Atom.

“The Wait Is Over. The World Is Over.”

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