We're back from Japan and the tour was amazing. Thanks to all of Envy and Tetsu and Susan for taking care of us. It was an amazing time once again. We want Envy to come out here and tour up the west coast and they are planning on it sometime next year. So we're playing our last show August 7th, 2002 in GOleta at the BIKO HOUSE w/ Yaphet Kotto, The Shivering, Calvary. But we're still not done as a band. We are in the middle of recording for our last record that is going to be a split with Yaphet Kotto and Envy sometime late winter. 2x12" version and CD version will be available. Our last day in Japan Yaphet Kotto, Envy and myself and Brian collaborated together on a ten minute song
that will also be on the record. I can't wait for this one to come out.

Thanks to everyone for the good times. Peace.

There will be pictures from the tour up on the TMK site and the Dim Mak site. We still have the NO SLEEP TIL JACUZZI PANTS TOUR shirts available. They are red shirts with yellow and black ink. They will be $10ppd. We only have these sizes left: Youth Large, Small, and some Mediums. Email for availabiility and reservation. Buttons, we will have some more available as well for a buck through the mail.

We want to thank Tetsu, Susan, Tobi, Naka, Nobu, Kensuke, Nine Days Wonder, There is a Light That Never Goes Out, Naoki and Yoshi, Kenji of Jellyroll Rockheads, Yopei Ikeda – the brothers of the Futures,Oshima of Beirut 5, Yuki and Kana, Creep. Kyomi, Missile, M, Katoman, Hiro dude, Toe, 1000 Travels of Jawarhal,, Dip Leg and her family, Itaru and Scalene, Christian, Tetsu’s family, Toshi- Tetsu’s neighbor and his mom, John Wood, Ryo Matsuura, Daichi of Sawpit, Takashi Araki for recording the collaboration song, Katsushige of Timebomb, Kenji of Answer Records, Tadashi Satoh of HG Fact.

Steve Aoki



The This Machine Kills/ JR Ewing CDs are done and have been shipped off to Lumberjack. I should be getting my copies for mailorder when I get back from touring with Pretty Girls Make Graves on the 18th of May. The one sided 12" won't be out until June and maybe even pushed back to July because of its production costs and silk-screening time frame. I'll be keeping posted on that as well. The European 7" put out by Plastik Culture, Carmen Diablo, Bachelor and Wakusei should be available now. It is the same as the one sided 12" that Dim Mak and Sonzai are putting out. Sonzai Records out of Tokyo is releasing the CD and one sided 12" in Japan. And we got two shows coming up too with The Red Light Sting.

5/21/02 - Santa Barbara @ Biko Co-op w/ The Red Light Sting, Light The Fuse and Run, Dance Disaster Movement, Nya Suku and J. Chavez. 5/24/02 - Los Angeles, CA @ Juvee? w/ Red Light Sting .. contact dimmak@dimmak.com for info. on both shows

We are also writing new songs for the split 2x12"/CD on Dim Mak Records with Envy and Yaphet Kotto. Be prepared for some more electronic jams as well as the hardcore stuff. Envy's two songs clock in at 16 minutes plus and Yaphet Kotto's I'm sure will be long.

Here are the dates for the Japan tour

11/07 Tokyo
12/07 Nagoya
13/07 Osaka
14/07 Okayama
15/07 Fukuoka
16/07 Move to tokyo
17/07 Sendai
18/07 Yokosuka
19/07 Day off
20/07 Tokyo
21/07 Tokyo

email envy@dimmak.com for more info on where we are all playing... JACUZZI PANTS, YEAH!

The noise remix 7" split released by Hand Held Heart and Dim Mak will be out just in time for the tour, We're only making 300 and will sell most of them on this tour so if you want one make sure to preorder yo' shit with Dim Mak before they are all gone. Side A- Sissy Spacek (Bastard Noise) Side B - Brian Roettinger

If you want a Jacuzzi Pants Japan tour shirt, email me at dimmak@dimmak.com The front's the scandalous jacuzzi pants and the back are tour dates. $10 ppd. All our records are still available through Ebullition but if you want to order directly from us or Dim Mak you can.

Weldon Irvine died. A sad loss.