This Machine Kills/ Bury Me Standing 7"
Code of Ethics Records

Side A:
Bury Me Standing
The Punchline is the Closing of a Casket
Letter of Resignation

Side B:
This Machine Kills
My Generation
Guilty As Fuck


This Machine Kills/Envy 7"
HG Fact Records

Side A:
Red Wounded Picture

Side B:
This Machine Kills
41 Bullets


This Machine Kills "On The Move" 7"
El Grito Records/ Coalition Records

Side A:
The Revenge of John Africa
Culture of Protest

Side B:
Three Hundred Sixty Degrees
Anger Lined with Cement


Death in the Audubon Ballrooom LP/CD
Ebullition Records

(The Last Poets sample)
1. Cracking the Mask
2. Bending the Erotic (w/ Alisha Westerman)
3. Giving Testimony (spoken word by Yuri Kochiyama)
4. Our Histories Have Burned Holes in Your Flag
5. Running with All these Names
6. Breakdown (w/ Jen Shahin)
7. Hearts and Minds
8. Death in the Audubon Ballroom (samples by Malcolm X)
9. And the Weight of the Silence Alone Will Choke Us (in order of appearance:
Paul C. Dykman, Jamie Gluck, Mike(y) Ott, Alisha Westerman, Atsushi, Lisa


This Machine Kills/ JR Ewing onesided 12"/CDep
US: Dim Mak
Japan: Sonzai
Europe: 7" available from Carmen Diablo, Plastik Culture, Wakusei, Bachelor Records

This Machine Kills
1. Take Back The Night (w/ Derek Fudesco & Mike(y) Ott in order of appearance)
2. Booby Traps (w/ Alisha Westerman)

JR Ewing
3. Panic
4. Holiday Narcotic