Dirtyphonics, Trinidad Jame$ and 12th Planet Take Over Sonos Studio

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#FreeFriday Episode No. 119: Shaun Frank – Jonezin’

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House for the Holidays 2014 DJ Mix – Mixed by Boots N Pants [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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#FreeFriday Episode No. 110: BURNS – DOIN’ IT WELL

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Borgore’s “Ratchet” music video and photos from Bor-Voyage

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In this music video for his single “Ratchet” from the #NEWGOREORDER album, Borgore spoofs a galactic council of super intelligent aliens who have come to Earth to determine whether or not to exterminate the human race. As the massive mothershipcasts a shadow over the planet, the alien council analyzes video of the best and brightest humans that Earth has to offer but their advanced technology malfunctions.
[highlight][highlighttext title=”#NEWGOREORDER” titlesize=”h3″ subtitle=””][/highlighttext][highlightbutton][button color=default-button3 url=”http://geni.us/NEWGOREORDER” size=”big-button” target=”_blank”]ITUNES[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”http://www.beatport.com/release/pound-newgoreorder/1330964″ size=”big-button” target=”_blank”]BEATPORT[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”http://www.amazon.com/Newgoreorder-Borgore/dp/B00L3R1T90/” size=”big-button” target=”_blank”]AMAZON[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”http://open.spotify.com/album/60Zqd6i5SIjD9FsJkESKxM” size=”big-button” target=”_blank”]SPOTIFY[/button][/highlightbutton][/highlight]

Borgore certainly got ratchet on his Bor-Voyage album release party and Dim Mak was there to capture all the magic. Check out our favorite photos below and head over to Borgore’s Facebook album for the rest of the gallery.

IMG_5237 IMG_5244 IMG_5256 IMG_5281 IMG_5290 IMG_5311 IMG_5322 IMG_5370 IMG_5383 IMG_5436 IMG_5451 IMG_5456 IMG_5467 IMG_5513 IMG_5564 IMG_5574 IMG_5578 IMG_5604 IMG_5631 IMG_5670

Borgore wants to know: what is Ratchet?

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Here’s your chance to be in Borgore‘s next music video!

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Borgore wants to know: what is ratchet? Now is your chance to show him!
Borgore‘s first single “Ratchet” from his new album #NEWGOREORDER is about to be released, and we are looking for the most ratchet fan submitted videos to feature in the official music video.

GO TO: http://ratchet.newgoreorder.com to find out how you can submit your video.
The winning videos will be chosen personally by Borgore, so make ’em ratchet bae.

*You must be 18 or older to enter this contest.

Borgore “Ratchet” is out June 10 on Buygore / Dim Mak.

Electronica Music Snobs

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Are you a hipster who loves EDM, house, deep house, progressive psytrance and dubstep? Then you’re in for a treat.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Wax Motif & Yolanda Be Cool Remix – Etienne De Crecy “We, Computers” // Wax Motif @ Dim Mak Tuesday !!!

1828 1219 Tim Gauthier

In honor of his set tonight at #DimMakTuesdays, our BFF Wax Motif from the land down undaaaa decided to offer us a free download of his recent remix of Etienne De Crecy’s “We, Computers.” The remix is already causing quite the buzz in the blogosphere and, according to Adrien Lux, “This will be an essential club tune in my record box.”

Peep the “We, Computers” EP, out now on Beatport and featuring remixes from ACME, Kolombo, Amine Edge & DANCE, Wax Motif & Yolanda Be Cool, and Hippie Disco.

We look forward to having Wax Motif dropping the beats on those ones and twos tonight alongside Sgt Slick, Fashen, and Bones at #DimMakTuesdays here in Hollywood. Entry is $5 with Facebook RSVP and tickets can be purchased here.


[highlight style=”bordered”][highlighttext title=”FOLLOW WAX MOTIF” titlesize=”h3″ subtitle=””][/highlighttext][highlightbutton][button color=default-button3 url=”https://soundcloud.com/waxy” size=”small-button” target=”_blank”]SOUNDCLOUD[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”https://www.facebook.com/WaxMotif” size=”small-button” target=”_blank”]FACEBOOK[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”https://twitter.com/WaxMotif” size=”small-button” target=”_blank”]TWITTER[/button] [button color=default-button3 url=”http://instagram.com/WaxMotif” size=”small-button” target=”_blank”]INSTAGRAM[/button][/highlightbutton][/highlight]

#DimMakTuesday: Dirtybird // Anabatic // Booty Bass // Future House // Vibes

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It’s always a pleasure hosting our Dirtybird homies at #DimMakTuesdays and this Tuesday, November 12th we’re excited to have Dirtybird player and Anabatic Records founder Worthy on the ones and twos as we vibe to the sounds of booty bass, breaks and future house!

941980_10152830082975099_2077013791_n (1)

“The Worthy sound has always been powerful, rocking, funky, bass-driven music at its best, and for me this is the new wave in house music.”Carl Cox

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 1.41.03 PM
Peep Worthy’s latest Beatport chart for his new EP “Flashin,” out now on Anabatic Records!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 1.41.10 PM

Past #DimMakTuesdays have included Dirtybird legends Justin Jay, Ardalan, Justin Martin, and more!

“Those hardcore Dirtybird fans rolled in full force…these kids get so passionate about it…this is by far the most exciting show I’ve done here”Justin Jay after his recent set with Ardalan at #DimMakTuesdays



Dim Mak Krew TAKE OVER At The First Ever National Red Bull Flugtag! #ByAnyMeansNecessary

2000 1325 Tim Gauthier

This past weekend marked the first, national Red Bull Flugtag event in Long Beach, CA. Over 110,000 people spectators showed up to watch as 28 teams launched their clever flying contraptions off the Rainbow Harbor pier in hopes of taking home the title of champion and possibly breaking a world record.

Being Dim Mak, we can never resist a challenge, so we teamed up with our good friends at We Are Matik to create the Interactive Boombox Flugtag. While we didn’t take first place or set a world record, we did get a 7.5 for creativity and kicked it with the Workaholics doods (see below). Next year we plan on returning to the annual Red Bull Flugtag with a vengeance like no other – DOMINATION #BYANYMEANSNECESSARY

Peep the vid of our heroic flight, led by none other than CAPTAIN JENKS (see above).


USA Today: 6 emerging artists to catch at Lollapalooza [Keys N Krates]

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While it’s all well and good to rattle off a list of accomplishments, sometimes it’s just easier to name-drop. Keys N Krates has toured and played alongside Bassnectar, Skrillex, Kid Cudi, Pretty Lights, Major Lazer, Girl Talk and Zeds Dead in recent years, and received support from notable electronic artists such as Diplo and TNGHT. There’s a smorgasbord of talent in this Toronto-based trio — Dave Matisse on keyboards, Adam Tune on drums and Jr. Flo on turntables — which has been blending electronic and trap music with rap beats since 2008. They played SXSW, Ultra and Wakarusa music festivals, and are getting ready to release their SoLow EP in September. (via USA Today)

GIF MANIA – AutoErotique ‘Asphyxiation’ Edition

680 355 Nikki

Are you in desperate need for some super sexy .gifs? You may not know it, but the answer is YES, yes you are. And have we got just the thing for you. In honor of the music video for Autoerotique’s “Asphyxiation” reaching #2 on the BeatPort Electronica Chart, we present you with 22 .gifs depicting some of the most stunning dodgeball players in history; girls doing flips and being all around badasses, guys getting hit in their tender bits by dodge balls, and lots of slow motion bouncing. My personal favorite is the shark mascot tearing the head off the bald eagle mascot, but a close second would be the leader of the pack licking her hard-won trophy. Good luck figuring out which one is your top pick, and let us know which you choose in the comments below!