Video: Steve Aoki & Atari Teenage Riot LIVE – Black Flags (Tony Senghore Remix)

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Atari Teenage Riot performed the brand new Tony Senghore remix of their hit, “Black Flags”, alongside Steve Aoki on the Dim Mak stage at the Optimus Alive Festival 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal this past month to an eager crowd of fans. Check out the video below…

Dim Mak Tattoo #12: Carla Hernandez

Tim Gauthier

Carla Hernandez from Winnipeg has taken her Dim Mak dedication to the next level. She is the 12th person to get Dim Mak stamped on her skin.

Dirtyphonics – ‘Tarantino’ Single // Out Now!

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Dirtyphonics – “Tarantino” Single
Release Date: July 19th, 2011
Dirtyphonics new EP “Tarantino” is the first Dubstep EP released by Dim Mak Records and founder Steve Aoki carefully chose them to be the first release on Dim Mak in that genre. The electronic foursome has had their music described by ATM Magazine as, “Dirtyphonics have a reputation for ruckus inducing tracks with heart-stopping capabilities.” DJ Magazine exclaimed, “You will probably burn 300 calories in one listen!” Knowledge magazine said their live drum and bass performances leave “competitors in the dust.” Check the EP out with the single “Tarantino” and B side track “Oakwood.”

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Bloody Beetroots “WARP” ft. Steve Aoki
(Dirtyphonics Dubstep Rmx)

Preview: Dirtyphonics – “Tarantino” Single
Dirtyphonics – ‘Tarantino’ by DimMakRecords

Dan Sena – ‘Song of Siren’ // Free Download and Official Music Video

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Buy: Dan Sena – “Candy Floss Art Capitalist”

Dan Sena feat. Del The Funky Homosapien and Kylee Swenson, “Song of Siren”.
Directors Brent Barger and Elliot Dillman take Dan Sena’s “Song of Siren” and turn what could be a creepy haunted house situation into an alluring apparition. Angelic vocalist Kylee Swenson puts the viewer at ease, until guest emcee Del The Funky Homosapien’s appearance results in some heavy exorcisms.

Dan Sena feat. Del the Funky Homosapien and Kylee Swenson – “Song of Siren” (Official Video)

MyBack – “Blomman” EP // Out Now!

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MyBack – “Blomman” EP
Release Date: July 12th, 2011
One night in Globe City, the metropolis of crime, grime and corruption, two rivals from the city’s most dangerous street gangs met: Blinks and Ultrabeaters. Blinks were run by John Dahlback who is known for his backstabbing basslines and infectious melodies, while Albin Myer’s Ultrabeaters had murderous beats and the most grooviest hihats to fight with. Instead of fighting each other, wouldn’t the ultimate situation be if they co operated and together formed one super gang? Yes. They are prepared to do what it takes to have absolute control of one of the craziest markets out there, dancemusic. Meet Myback.

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Preview: MyBack – “Blomman” EP

Mustard Pimp – “ZHM” Single + Remixes // Out Now!

Tim Gauthier

Mustard Pimp
Mustard Pimp
Mustard Pimp – “ZHM” Single & Remixes
Release Date: July 5th, 2011
Started mid 2008, Mustard Pimp is a french duo including Baron and eKa. Baron started 9 years ago DJing mostly acid and techno stuff and eKa was a former guitarist from a french metal band. They started to make diverses remixes and quickly got support from lot of artists, they already remixed officially Crookers, Steve Aoki, Steed Lord, Partyshank, A1 Bassline, Larry Tee, Dada Life, Stereoheroes, Bryan Cox and a lot more to come…

“ZHM” Remixes includes remixes by Dada Life, The Subs, Cyberpunkers, Tom Staar and Geht’s Noch. It also includes the Extended Mix of “ZHM”.

Buy: Mustard Pimp – “ZHM” Single

Buy: Mustard Pimp – “ZHM” Remixes

Mustard Pimp – “ZHM” (Official Video)

Check out Mustard Pimps last single “Money Shot” here.

Felix Cartal & Keatch – “Animals” EP Out Now!

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Felix Cartal & Keatch
Felix Cartal & Keatch – “Animals” EP
Release Date: June 28, 2011
Felix Cartal was born with a passion for hard hitting electronic music. His distinctive method of incorporating abrasive distortion, intense instrumental build-ups and unique frequency variations in his songs gives Felix a sense of versatility within the electronic scene. This versatility has led Cartal to become one of the leaders of heavy-house, a genre known for its relentless intensity and bass and distortion heavy melodies.

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More info on Felix Cartal here.

New Dim Mak Tees and Tanks for Summer 2011!

Tim Gauthier

New tees added, Apache, War & Peace, Sour Lips Tank and new Logo Tank screened on Tri-Blend for added fit and feel. Click the ad to visit dimmak.com/store and see the latest Dim Mak swag!

New Ivory – “A Knight” (Remix) EP Out Now!

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New Ivory “A Knight” (Remix) EP
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Brand new Dim Mak act New Ivory released their debut single “A Knight” with a half dozen remix’s that transform the song into various forms of electro dance.
New Ivory had the pleasure of teaming up with DJ’s from across the world to produce a blend of rock and electro. Featured artists Modek, Will Bailey, Phantoms, and Ahllex turn the song on its head with influences from various forms of Electro, Nu Disco, and Dubstep. The EP is available here:



Atari Teenage Riot – “Is This Hyperreal?” Out Now!

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Atari Teenage Riot “Is This Hyperreal?”
Release Date: June 07, 2011 (Digitally) – July 26, 2011 (CD in stores)

Is This Hyperreal?, Atari Teenage Riot’s first album released through LA future stomp label Dim Mak, is an acetylene laced documentation of ATR’s re-ignition after an eleven year silence. Produced, mixed, recorded with Alec Empire, Nic Endo and new ATR member CX Kidtronik (Saul Williams / Nine Inch Nails) at ATR’s fourth studio release was made at the Hellish Vortex studio in Berlin.

1. Activate!
2.Blood In My Eyes
3. Black Flags
4. Is This Hyperreal?
5. Codebreaker
6. Shadow Identity
7. Re-Arrange Your Synapses
8. Digital Decay
9. The Only Slight Glimmer of Hope
10. The Collapse of History

A cultural cold war divided upon class lines, a new age of surveillance, heroes’ incarcerated in the worst conditions possible for speaking out against the military complex, a corrupt press core owned by multi-national corporations and raised to repeat sound bytes. This is the post-cyberpunk world on the brink of collapse Atari Teenage Riot’s fourth album Is This Hyperreal? is born into. Every track is an iridescent explosion of nervous energy requesting your attendance in Atari Teenage Riot’s campaign party of education and awareness. Having influenced a generation of M.I.A., Crystal Castles, Le Tigre, Sleigh Bells, and Pendulum, Atari Teenage Riot is a welcome shot in the arm of the music industry.

“Activate!” starts the album with Atari Teenage Riot’s most concise statement of intent yet. On a backing of explosive 1991 hardcore jungle synths, super collider bass kicks, and guitar shrapnel Alec , Nic, and Kidtronik spurn us into a campaign of equality, activation, and eradication of ignorance.

In “Blood In My Eyes” Alec Empire merges his chiptunes style first shown in 1999’s Nintendo Teenage Robots album with the sound of Crass exploding out of the trunk two cars over. Contained within Nic’s first lead vocal in Atari Teenage Riot tells a tale of enslavement and revenge for all of the women lost within our global human trafficking problem. “Blood In My Eyes” is a riveting electronic punk rock diatribe, paying homage to the feminine retributive subtexts espoused by cult films like ‘Kill Bill’ and heavily censored French art-house offering, ‘Baise-Moi.’ “Black Flags” is a low slung, subwoofer punching, anthem announcing Atari Teenage Riot’s support of Anonymous’ grassroots human rights campaign.

We’re allowed a brief respite to catch our breath during “Is This Hyperreal?”. The album’s title track slow cooks with seething analog synths reminiscent of Vangelis’ score for Blade Runner, symphonic percussion and a gurgling acid line are the soundtrack to the birth of a cyborg. “Codebeaker” is a stomping electro rockabilly stormer. Rubbery basslines command your posterior to action; sawtooth guitars swarm your head as Alec and Kidtronik lead us onto wall street to ask the question of “What went wrong?” Dim Mak label boss Steve Aoki’s vocals add an LA Hardcore vibe to give it that much more of a brutal punch.

“Shadow Identity” is Nic’s second lead vocal of the album and the most unexpected hook. On top of a New Order bassline and what sounds like a drum line made performed by an obsolete automotive assembly line Nic interweaves a narrative of blood diamonds, global trade and consumer awareness. “Re-arrange Your Synapses” is a new gabber punk classic. The 909 drum machine speeds up to a blurred fever pitch as Alec and Nic dive bomb verses painting a near future world of post net neutrality legislation where access to money and corporations control the public’s access to information on the internet.

Atari Teenage Riot saves their most straightforward electro romp for “Digital Decay”. Showcasing a thick gurgling bassline, razor taunt snares and Nic as a floating artificial intelligence prophet. “Digital Decay” would fit perfectly into one of Aoki’s legendary DJ sets. “The Only Slight Glimmer of Hope” is dripping with uplifting brash, sing-along, sass-bag vocals and deep driving modular synth work. “The Only Slight Glimmer of Hope” is Atari Teenage Riot’s legendary effortless synthesis of Crass, Throbbing Gristle, and Kraftwerk.

“The Collapse of History” immediately makes itself known as the most unexpected and welcome Atari Teenage Riot song ever. Throwing listeners for a complete curveball Alec flexes his 90s hardcore influence by intertwining stadium sized jungle breakbeats with a national anthem. Nic transforms herself into a pop dance diva and brings her sassiest vocal performance of the album. The mind glue chorus celebrating the overthrow of corrupt institutions hits your like warm sunlight after an all night rave. As ATR ends the album “Humanity will win in the end.”



Zedd “Dovregubben” Single – Out Now!

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Zedd “Dovregubben” Single
Release Date: May 31, 2011 (Beatport)
Zedd, being born into a family of musicians, began playing the piano at the age of four. After sevreal years of learning to master the piano and playing drums in a rockband he started to produce electronic music. Within only 2 years Zedd achieved to win 2 Beatport Remix contests, officially remixing artists such as Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas or Skrillex and climbing up to #2 on Beatport! One of the reasons for this rapid development is undoubtedly Zedd’s unique and highly recognizable style of composition. It stands out as very detailed and carefully produced Electro House, very playful and the same time remarkably catchy.