Out Now: Will Bailey & Poisound – Blazin’ EP

Out Now: Will Bailey & Poisound – Blazin’ EP

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Let’s imagine that you’re going through your music collection and you’re finding that it needs more legitimate, bass thumping, shiver-inducing, hyphy trap. Where do you turn to find music that meets such high expectations? Dim Mak Records, of course! We’re here to save the day with the release of Will Bailey and Poisound’s EP “BLAZIN”. Hailing from Spain and the UK, the combination of Will Bailey and Poisound have created three new bombs for the dance floor that will trap you in. Staying true to their unique styles, but maintaining a sense of unity, the EP delivers a blazing sound from the duo; you can be certain that the tracks from this electrifying EP will be blazin’ up the charts for the rest of the year.





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