Winners Announced – TAI’s Official Remix Contest for “Lose Yourself”

June 19, 2012 Tim Gauthier Music Tags: , , , ,

After hours of listening to countless (amazing) submissions we’ve reached our final vote, ending with THREE contest winners!
We know that many of you were impatiently waiting for this announcement, so with no further ado here are the top 3 winners of the TAI “Lose Yourself” Remix Contest. If you see your name here, please scroll towards the end of the post and follow the instructions we have for you.

No. 03 – Payyn’s Remix

No. 02 – Rekereke’s Remix

Grand Prize Winner – No. 01 – Otomatic’s Remix

Congrats to all three contest winners! Since we couldn’t pick just one remix, you three will be included on TAI’s upcoming EP for “Lose Yourself”. To Otomatic – We’ll be sending you Soundcloud’s 1-Year Pro Account Upgrade! Enjoy!

“I would like to thank Steve Aoki, the Dim Mak Records crew and Soundcloud for making this remix competition happen. But the biggest thanks goes to all of you who entered this competition and produced such amazing & inspiring remixes of Lose Yourself.”


  1. the other guy who lost 2 years ago says:

    Refering to “disgruntled producer”

  2. the other guy who lost 2 years ago says:

    Dude, youre retarded.

  3. Brian Beck 2 years ago says:

    I wouldn’t pay for ANY of these piece of shit remixes. Does anyone know how to do fucking anything original with a remix?? Remix #3 was a generic dubstep template. Remix #2 was literally completely sampled from a different track plus ONE vox sample from the original. And last but not least, this motherfucking grandprize winner just pooped out some complextro with no rattling basslines/wobbles, no interesting sounds, and no stereo panning! SO WHO THE FLYING FUCK JUDGED THIS CONTEST?? TAI? AOKI? Did yall even listen to all your remixes??

    Well this just proves this label needs NO respect and anyone can run one. I’m gonna run my own label called DIM FUK.

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